Tips for early board control?

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A lot of the time I feel like my removal cards in the early game aren't cutting it.

I have two shadowbolts, soulfires(I really hate discarding cards) and drain life.

However when I play against warriors, priests and mages I often feel like their removal cards are simply better and cheaper.

It seems that their removals cards usually cost 2 or below. (Not to mention all the weapons and damage skill shenanigans)

I really struggle in the early game to keep my minions on the board.

Any tips on how to keep good board control at the beginning?
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I always felt that's exactly what the blood imps were for, depending on how you look at it the blood imp change could be a buff, because if you only got 1 or 2 minions on the field those 2 minions could get pretty buffed up HP wise. I've seen some very cool Shadowflame (rare card) plays from locks which are kind of like the blade furry of a rogue but with a far stronger potential.
It's a 4 mana and you destroy a friendly minion and deal its attack damage to all enemy minions.
Combo with power overwhelming for 1 mana give a minion + 4/4 till end of the turn till it dies.
For about 5 mana you can do an extremely effective combo that wipes the enemy board at the cost of sacrifing one minion. The +4/4 could make something like a flame imp be strong enough to clear most minions besides late game + 8/8 minions.
Hellfire could work as well but that one carries it's disadvantage with it.
Other then murlocs, I haven't seen locks do all that well early game.
I've literally lost at turn 4 because of murlocs, I don't think any other type of warlock could do that.
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