I spent real money building my decks. You (Blizzard) have destroyed my confidence in you in by nerfing cards I spent money to gain. What do you offer in return...dust. /Spit I'll not spend a penny more on Hearthstone. The only deck Pyro works in now is the boring freeze/stall crap I never played anyway. Funny, that is the deck/reason you gave for nerfing the card. What a bunch of clowns. You caved into whining and crying. Mage wasn't even the dominant class. You could have made the card Legendary (left it at 8 mana) to limit decks to 1. I guess you didn't want to give away that much of your precious worthless dust, but that would have solved your reason for the nerf. Stall, double Pyro would have went away for ever! Now Stall Double Pyro is the only way to play Double Pyro. Good job thinking through that one.

QQ the Fanboy mage haters.