Change Molten Giant to be Warlock Class Card

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Im surprised your brain is smart enough to even write all these letters.
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Nutshot... what a douche.
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01/30/2014 05:03 AMPosted by GuyIncognito
01/29/2014 07:40 AMPosted by Rinzler
What about VoidWalker? He's probably the best demon of all; hes a 1-3 with taunt for 1 that actually doesn't affect you for a change.

Did you ever compare him with the equal cards of other classes?
1/3 Cleric for 1 mana, who draws cards when a minion gets healed.
1/3 mana wyrm for 1 mana, who gets +1 attack every time you cast a spell.
Voidwalker is a decent card, but compared to the other cards, the taunt ability just sucks.

...but golden voidwalkers are so pretty
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01/21/2014 08:46 AMPosted by DioBrando
You can only put 2 demons in to a rush deck.

Flame Imp, Void Walker and Doomguard are all ran in the Zoo deck at 2 copies of each. Zoo may not be exactly rush, but it is pretty close.

01/21/2014 08:46 AMPosted by DioBrando
Our hero power is also quite bad, cost 2 mana AND 2 health to get 1 card. WTF people calling it the best hero power... such bs

You clearly do not understand this game very well.

01/21/2014 09:40 AMPosted by DioBrando
It's a bad hero power if you don't have Giants or Jarraxxus in your non-rush deck.

Rush decks do not run either giants or Jaraxxus.

01/21/2014 09:40 AMPosted by DioBrando
And when you are matched up against Hunter/Mage, it's pretty miuch Well Played right away.

Really? Because according to Hearthstats, Warlocks have >50% win against every class in the entire game. In fact, their third easiest matchup is mage, according to the stats.

01/22/2014 02:13 PMPosted by tyrano
warlock minions just suck, the only 2 are worthy are fire imp and doomguard the rest of the you can just ignore them

Voidwalker is considered to be very strong in Zoo.

01/23/2014 12:44 AMPosted by Crunchy
how does an owl turn a 3/3(19/19) into a 0 for 2 ?

It is indeed 0 for 2, because the owl's battlecry makes the 2 cards you used to buff the Void Terror Obsolete.

Void Terror is best used with Deathrattle effects like Loot Hoarder or a damaged Sylvannas, but it is situational and does not fit into the the current meta.

01/29/2014 07:12 AMPosted by Caladynus
Serafina, what you said is not a zero for two, it's a one for two. You have to play the Owl to silence the Void Terror, and even then, they are left with a 3/3 while you have a 2/1 that will be dead the next turn.

It's a 2 for 1 if/when the Void Terror attacks into the Owl. But the immediate effect is 0 for 2. Anyway, a 3/1 usually dies to random aoe or the 1 damage + draw spells/hero abilities.
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