Hey fellow players,


I'm really glad that I recorded this strange match where I play against a "Warlock Giants" deck (atleast I think it's one, I'm no expert) with me and my opponent not actually putting anything on the board. Maybe you notice that I use the "I'm sorry" emote a lot... that's because I really feel cheap for what I did at 5:32.

This is my mage deck called "Magical Warfare". Ironically I don't actually like mage so much but it is the only hero class where I have all cards I need to play how I want to and still be able to win (It's my strongest deck so far).
The deck is based on spells and minions that profit from those spells, so that the stuff that doesn't look threatening to my opponent at first becomes dangerous really fast by spells that I probably would have used anyway. You won't see this in this match though, because I somehow only draw spells.

But if my opponent tries to prolong the match for late game strategies it has a second option and that is Archmage Antonidas on turn 10. What is then happening in a extreme case is what you see in this video.

But don't make the mistake of thinking Archmage Antonidas works like a Pyroblast deck before the nerf. I don't use this strategy often. A whole deck build around that one legendary won't work so well, because it's really situational that you still have those low mana cost spells on turn 10 or the coin. I read alot that the Archmage is only worth it if he does survive until your next turn... well, he actually doesn't.

I would probably post my deck list if someone wants so see it, but I don't think this deck is some meta miracle, it just works well for me... and honestly I don't want to get flamed for no reason if some "pros" don't think it's good.
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