Hi folks.

I'm pretty new at card games and would like to get a little input on my mage deck. The basic idea was to use the huge amount of hard removal to keep board control while trying to get a few creatures to survive a little to make some damage and then finish the opponent off with pyro and other spells (I know, incredibly creative ;-).
I looked for some synergy with the minions in terms of spell-triggered abilities, spell damage and enrage.

I still have some problems with my hunter mate (pls don't turn this thread into an "OMG hunter"-thread or anything else off-topic), since my deck drags on quite a bit until going for the kill all the while getting some unmitigated damage from the hunter hero power and spells.

I have become quite fond of a few of the unused neutral cards (like Faerie Dragon, Knife Juggler, Questing Adventurer, Emperor Cobra, Imp Master, Faceless Manipulator,...) while playing my other decks but have yet to find the right combination of those to improve this deck.

I also can't seem to find enough space for more minions without removing spells I really feel I need, but then again this might be where I'm wrong. If I can exchange hard removal spells for reliable similar removal/control provided by minions, I'm all for it. But instead I'm pondering to take in one more Ice Barrier to survive longer.

1: Arcane Missiles (x2), Mirror Image (x2), Mana Wyrm (x2)
2: Arcane Explosion (x2), Frostbolt (x2), Amani Berserker, Sorcerers Apprentice
3: Arcane Intellect (x2), Frost Nova, Ice Barrier
4: Fireball (x2), Polymorph (x2), Ancient Mage, Water Elemental
5: Gadgetzan Auctioneer, Gurubashi Berserker
6: Blizzard, Archmage, Sunwalker
7: Flamestrike (x2)
10: Pyroblast

Here are the common and better cards at my disposal:

Mage: Ice Lance (x2), Counterspell (x2), another Ice Barrier, Ice Block, Mirror Entity (x2), Vaporize

1: Abusive Sergeant (x2), Argent Squire, Bloodsail Corsair, Leper Gnome (x2), Lightwarden, Shieldbearer, Southsea Deckhand (x2), Worgen Infiltrator (x2), Young Dragonhawk (x2)

2: Amani Berserker (x2), Ancient Watcher, Bloodsail Raider, Crazed Alchemist, Dire Wolf Alpha, Doomsayer (x2), Faerie Dragon (x2), Ironbeak Owl (x2), Knife Juggler, Loot Hoarder (x2), Mad Bomber (x2), Mana Addict, Mana Wraith, Master Swordsmith, Pint-Sized Summoner, Wild Pyromancer, Youthful Brewmaster

3: Acolyte of Pain (x2), Coldlight Seer, Demolisher (x2), Emperor Cobra, Flesheating Ghoul, Harvest Golem (x2), Imp Master (x2), Jungle Panther, Questing Adventurer, Raging Worgen (x2), Scarlet Crusader, Tauren Warrior, Thrallmar Farseer

4: Ancient Brewmaster (x2), Cult Master (x2), Dark Iron Dwarf (x2), Defender of Argus, Dread Corsair, Mogu'shan Warden (x2), Silvermoon Guardian (x2), Spellbreaker (x2)

5; Abomination (x2), Faceless Manipulator, Fen Creeper (x2), Silver Hand Knight, Spiteful Smith (x2), Stampeding Kodo, Venture Co. Mercenary, Priestess of Elune, Sunwalker, Windfury Harpy (x2), Sea Giant

Any tips, guys (beyond "Just don't play mage", "Get some legendarys" or "Lol, your whole deck s*cks" ;-) ?