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Hey guys I just wanted some input on my deck I don't play much warrior but I want to get into it. So I made this deck the other day and just wanted some thoughts. I'm a fairly new player so I don't have a ton of cards or dust. I just got lucky on some packs. Here is the Decklist.
-Inner Rage (2)
-Execute (2)
-Upgrade (1)
-Fiery War Axe (2)
-Cleave (2)
-Rampage (1)
-Slam (1)
-Bloodsail Raider (2)
-Cruel Taskmaster (1)
-Knife Juggler (1)
-Novice Engineer (1)
-Charge (1)
-Shield Block (2)
-Frothing Berserker (1)
-Warsong Commander (2)
-Arathi Weaponsmith (2)
-Kor'kron Elite (2)
-Faceless Manipulator (1)
-Cairne Bloddhoof (1)
-Alexstraza (1)
-Molten Giant (1)

Thanks for any input on the deck!
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I would definitely throw in a gorehowl when you get one. Until then, an arcanite reaper would be great combined with the Uprgrade (a 6/3 for 6 mana). A lot of warriors don't play them, but with a late game deck I've found that fairly cheap 10 damage (as long as they don't have taunt) is really useful in tacking someone from 23 life comfortable to 13 life danger zone panic.
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I will definitely try that. How far do you think I could make it in ranked with this?
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01/22/2014 02:47 PMPosted by Partizanfan
I will definitely try that. How far do you think I could make it in ranked with this?

it's hard to say. I was getting tripped up with my late game warrior deck by rush/aggro paladins and rogues (which as of two days ago were EVERYWHERE) around ranks 17-15. Make sure you get good value for your Cleave, and either put in a pyromancer or a whirlwind or two to help you maintain board control against rogue drops and wurlock. You need some full board damage cards.
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