Best class in Arena?

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If you had to sort them nr1 nr2 n3 etc

( to get the most wins)
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mage is easily the most overpowered arena class
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Best site for that information is
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Mage - Paladin - Shaman - Rogue - Druid - Hunter - Warrrior -Warlock - Priest

Something like that from good to bad. (personal opinion)
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mage by far
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my two best runs 8-3 and 7-3 were with mage

hunter's got to be the worst, I never made a good run with hunter
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Paladin - Shaman - Mage - Rogue --> all have solid common/basic choices, with little variance.

Warrior - Druid --> Both have awesome picks (FWA, Swipe) but without them, things can be grim.

Hunter - Priest - Warlock --> Unless you know these classes inside-out from your own play, best to skip.
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i can agree mage and pally are most likely the best

i think mage based on flamestrike alone really... being able to flamestike an opponent who could not really choose the health of his minions is the best...

if i dont get mage, i will be sure to try and pick quite a few mobs with "5" health...

if i get mage, take as many flamestrikes as i can and just survive til turn 7... the mage secrets aint bad either, vaporize and counterspell are pretty nice
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mage is easily the most overpowered arena class

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I'm not sure about Paladin being second best. He is way too reliant on drafting consecrates and true silvers to go far. I never seem to do too good with him in arena even though he is my main constructed class.

My order has to be
Mage > Druid > Warrior > Paladin > Priest > Shaman > Rogue > Warlock

Hunter I have only tried once in arena and went 9 wins but that is not enough to judge it. You have to have a different mindset playing them. Other classes you almost always keep the board clear. Hunter you only keep it somewhat clear usually letting them make trades unless it would be too unfavorable as you go for face.

Mage has everything. Most said above but you have to mention the devastating 4 drop elemental that can keep rogues, warriors, druids and paladins frozen and unable to use their main board clears or keep your big scaries tied up til they can clear em.
Druid has really good board clear with starfall, swipe, wrath, claw, bite even really strong creatures and a good hero ability that I have always done well with him.
Warrior you have plenty of choices for weapons and good combos like frothing or raging worgen plus inner rage or cruel task master plus good chargers and decent spells.
Paladin is solid with a great hero ability but can be hard to catch back up if you lose board unless you get a really good draft.
Priest is solid. You can always make favorable trades and keep your guys alive. He has to be the class I do best with against mages as you can negate their setups where they freeze a creature or smack it so they can ping it next turn. Force them to keep using cards on the same creatures over and over. Lacks super board clear having only holy nova but has excellent single target removal.
Shaman is ok. His board clears are mostly rares so you have to get a bit luckier in your drafts and it takes awhile to get used to the overload feature but when you do go for it. Fire elemental is great. Totem randomness can make or break games and with the odds usually at 25 or 33 percent of being the one you want the odds are not in your favor.
Rogue you bring your health down a lot hitting things. If you are able to draft good combos and have the low cost cards to use with them they can be great. I have never done well with them and find them a hard class to do well with.
Warlock is a race to kill them before you kill yourself most of the time. Having card advantage is great but takes practice to learn when that extra card is not worth it. I've had multiple games against warlocks where they should have won but kept tapping allowing me to barely finish them off.
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my list.
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You can see a few different answers to your question here:

Near the top you'll see lists and charts showing the class popularity both globally and among players on Arena Mastery (who tend to be above average). If you scroll down to the bottom you'll see similar lists, but sorted by strength rather than popularity.

Hope that gives you some useful or interesting info.
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From personal experience I rank them like this:

Paladin Shaman
Mage Druid
Warlock Rogue Priest
Hunter Warrior
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I wreck mages in arena when I pick priest.

But I struggle against a lot of other classes though if I do pick priest as well.

so it's a double edged sword in my eyes when picking an arena class.
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From my experience in arena the top 4 classes are defiantly Mage, Shaman, Pally, and Rogue.

I have a little different perspective on the which is the "Best" though.

If you are looking for which is the easiest class for everyone to do well with, then it would be the Mage because all the stats say this is so and it is an easy class to play.

If however you are looking at which class has the best chance to go to 12 wins then I would put Shaman, Pally and Rogue all ahead of Mage. The reason for this is that that while new players may have trouble playing these classes to highest potential once you really understand how to play them I feel that they give much for flexibility in game in how they can win and you don't need a super great draft to do it with.

Also to support this when I'm playing in the 9+ wins range I tend to see a lot more Shaman, Pally and Rogue than I do of Mage, whereas I tend to see a ton of mages in the 4-7 win area.

My point in this post is that I feel Mage is prolly the best avg. class, meaning that it will almost always get you to the 4-7 win mark, but the other 3 classes mentioned in my opinion in the hands of skilled players will vault you much higher with avg and above avg decks.
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The best class would be the one you know the best I would say ^^ Then big Rng for the cards they propose you, then you should pick the right cards.

- The most annoying opponents are mages with many freeze and fire spells (but if you play mage and dont get to pick those cards then you're dead!) but you can see it coming, you never die in 3 turns with them.
- The strongest players I fought against were warriors. They can kill you so easily/quickly with a good deck.

The easiest classes to play with for beginners might be Paladin and Druid in arena.
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Tier 1 : Paladin, Shaman
They utilize extremely powerful spells and minions. Plus their hero ability is probably the best for arena.

Tier 2 : Druid , Mage . Rogue
Druids have extremely good minions, but you need some luck to pick enough of them.
Mage have extremely good spells but don't have good minions.
Rogues have very good value in their cards and can put good pressure early on.

Tier 3 : Priests , Warriors , Warlock
These classes are mediocre.
Warlocks demons and minions are very average in arena.
Warriors weapons are not so efficient for arena.
Priests are too slow for arena.

Tier 4 : Hunters
Can be very good and very bad. It's very random and that's why it's generally best to avoid them. Their synergy with beasts is mostly the reason for this. Although the buffs to UTH made them slightly more viable.
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Hunter > Priest easy.
Priest is worst class for sure.
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Most people would say mage but Paladin is by far the strongest. Mage just usually has the most frustrating losses against. My Arena tier list:

Paladin > Mage > Warlock > Shaman > Rogue > Priest > Warrior > Druid > Hunter
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01/25/2014 09:13 AMPosted by Air
Most people would say mage but Paladin is by far the strongest. Mage just usually has the most frustrating losses against. My Arena tier list:

Paladin > Mage > Warlock > Shaman > Rogue > Priest > Warrior > Druid > Hunter

I disagree completely with you.
Warlock above shaman/rogue/druid? Warlock is pretty weak right now, Druid and Shaman way more consistent for sure.

Also I don't think that Paladin is by far the strongest, I would say Mage is better. Not by much, but its better.

And you rate priest to high in my opinion. Druid waaay to low.

This would be mine:
Mage > Paladin > Shaman > Druid > Rogue > Warrior > Hunter > Warlock > Priest
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