Violet Paw: The deck that took me to Legend

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Awesome to see the Tokens back representing ladder.

Tweaked my deck abit to adjust to a few trends and some feedback and research.

2 Innervate
1 Claw
2 Leper Gnome
2 Power of the Wild
2 Wrath
1 Kobold
1 Loothoarder
2 Savage Roar
2 Harvest Golem
2 Swipe
2 Keepers
2 Violet Teachers
1 Azure Drake
2 Druid o Claws
2 Force of Nature
2 Ancient of Lore

Now the decision is to run Cenarius, starfire (5 damage to face), second claw (early removal or combine with SR/FON combo).

Don't have Leroy, but a poster stated the FoN may be better situationally- as you can decided where 6 damage goes if need be.

Good hunting.
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Reporting in after 30 games this season, started at R19, currently 3star R16.
The deck is working great, I don't know if it is because the burst takes people by surprise and they do not setup a proper defense. Still need to improve decisions for when to play the Violet Teacher (of course if you have mana to generate 2-3 tokens and then Power of the Wild, it is in my opinion a mandatory play)
This is my current deck (removed claw + bite for BGH and a Starfall):

2 Ancient of Lore
1 Big Game Hunter
2 Gadgetzan Auctioneer
2 Power of the Wild
1 Force of Nature
2 Azure Drake
2 Savage Roar
2 Harvest Golem
2 Loot Hoarder
2 Keeper of the Grove
1 Starfall
2 Violet Teacher
1 Bloodmage Thalnos
2 Innervate
2 Moonfire
2 Swipe
2 Wrath

And here are the statistics:

Opponent Wins Losses Win percent Opponent
Hunter 2 3 40,0% 16,7%
Warlock 2 2 50,0% 13,3%
Priest 2 1 66,7% 10,0%
Druid 1 2 33,3% 10,0%
Rogue 2 1 66,7% 10,0%
Warrior 2 0 100,0% 6,7%
Mage 3 1 75,0% 13,3%
Paladin 3 1 75,0% 13,3%
Shaman 1 1 50,0% 6,7%
Total: 18 12 60,0%

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Hey i love this deck and I've experimented with it a lot as druid is my favorite class. I like Ysera and all but i just got a golden rag in a pack and was curious if it would be advisable to swap Cenarius or Ysera for rag? And if i wanted to keep all 3 id assume azure drake would be the one to swap correct?
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This deck is a ton of fun. I'm running something similar, with some variance, and have been steamrolling people. The only games I lost were to a couple of mirrors(misplayed one), a Hunter(this deck is weak to Hunters, but very few people play it anymore so cost of doing business I suppose), and a Priest(horrendous opening draw and even then lost to RNG as he thoughtstole cards from me that won him the game more or less).

I just love the potential burst/aggression you have with this deck. It's great winning games with two 1/1s on the board and your opponent having 20 HP left.
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So, I've been playing around with this deck for a few days. It's definitely the funnest deck I've played. Thanks for posting it!

I tweaked it a little as others have. My deck list is pretty close to yours though

2 innervate
2 moonfire
2 claw
1 savagery
2 PoTW
2 wild growth
2 wrath
1 geomancer (no thalnos)
1 mana addict
1 imp master
1 bite
2 swipe
2 keepers
1 violet teacher
1 GOLDEN! violet teacher ;D
2 azure drakes
1 faceless manipulator
2 auctioneers
1 AoL
1Sea Giant

I had rag in there, but never had a good chance to play him really, and I was winning without playing him. I also read a lot of the comments here and other people were saying the same thing, so I put in the SG cause it does have a chance to be played pretty early in this deck.

The manipulator I put in just for some utility. You were saying how sometimes you can cycle through the deck and just not have enough damage. I try to copy a good charge minion for that or a taunt if I need it. (Copied a 17 attack grommash for a win that turn)

I took the golems out, because I just felt imp master and mana addict were better threats to put on the board. I've had a couple games with imp master drawing out AOE's early so my violet teacher could pwn face later.
The mana addict won me a game against a mage too. RAGE QUIT hahaha.

I only have one AoL, so I just threw in savagery to fill the deck to 30. It has helped win me a few games, but really I think I'll look for a better card for that slot since it doesn't do me much good often. Maybe a second bite? I think I'll try that for a while. See if I miss the savagery.

I've only been playing it a few days, but I'm currently on a 5 game win streak.
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hey bro this thread is 11 months old so it is outdated. Violet teacher builds are still good decks though, i hate recommending netdecks but since you are a new player they will help you understand the game quicker, so look for a more upgraded deck on the net.
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