Violet Paw: The deck that took me to Legend

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I spent quite a bit of dust to try this deck and it's bad. Like really bad. I always end up with a hand full of garbage cards, like moonfire, claw and wild growth. I never get Violet until mid to late game and even then dropping her on the board is an instant bullseye to any player with a brain.

Honestly, I prefer my control deck which is a lot less gimmicky and a lot more reliable.

I've had two awesome games where I absolutely murdered my opponent by turn six, and twice as many games where my opponent is filling the board with minions and I'm holding a hand full of garbage.
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Sorry that it didn't work for you. All I can say is that the deck is still performing well for me. I don't think the meta has changed in a way that would make the deck worse. I've run into a Warlock deck with like 20 One-Drops recently, so maybe put back the Starfall in.
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It takes a bit and i added savage and force x1 but this deck is super powerul
You may need more time practicing
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Ok, I've started slowly winning more. These wins are a lot closer than I'm typically used to. When I win with this deck I'm usually very low on health and just manage to get a Savage Roar (I don't have Thalnos so I put Savage Roar in) and then pop my opponent for 10+ damage all at once.

Against rush decks I tend to find myself using Moonfire, Claw and Wrath long before I have Violet on the table just to stall their buildup of minions. However, it tends to do the trick and keep me alive long enough to start using my 4-5 drop minions.

This deck is starting to work more often, but priests... ffs, I don't know how anyone thinks they're a weak class. They just chew me up every time.
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Yeah, The deck still has issues vs. any kind of low drop rush deck, be they hunter, Wurlock, or Warrior. I can still beat them but not most of the time.

This is my go to safety deck. I know how to play it. If I need a quick win or two, I play and unless I draw poorly or face down the above three, I usually can.

I've been trying to learn other classes, and right now am trying to work on a Hunter BEAT YOUR FACE IN deck. It's fun to play, but lacks the subtlety I love about Violet Paw.

I think my favorite recent win was against a mage who TWICE beat out my Violet paw horde as I was dodging her fireballs, only to face the one kill NONE of us can deal with - I ran her out of cards.

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Ok, I admit it. I was incredibly wrong about this deck. My win percentage is well above 65% now that I understand the synergy and what I'm looking for in my opening hand.

My biggest challenge now are Shamans. Feral Spirit and Unbound Elemental are abso!@#$inglutley ridiculous OP cards and they can drop them long before I have enough mana to respond to them.

I highly recommend replacing Thalnos with Savage Roar. This deck has plenty of card draw and Savage Roar has earned me at least a dozen "SURPRISE" wins as a board full of 1/1's became 3/1's.
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I don't have that many issues with Shaman. In fact, I think the matchup favors the Paw quite heavily. But it's important to know which strategy you should go for in which matchup. You can outtempo your opponent, or you can outresource them. For Shaman I found that the easiest way to win is to simply outresource them with your Ancients of Lore and Gadgetzan, while keeping the board clear enough so that you can't get bursted down. Clear totems as much as possible, kill Unbound Elementals ASAP, respect Fire Elementals, don't overextend into Lightning Storm and draw cards like crazy.

In the Druid mirror, you can simply play more threats than your opponent can handle and win that way. That's not possible vs. Shaman most of the time. The same is true vs. control Paladin, Warrior, Warlock and Mage.

But it's weird. My win percentages in certain matchups have heavily shifted since I started with this deck. While Hunter was very easy for me a week ago, now I can't seem to beat them. Now they actually do something to prevent you from killing them instead of only clicking on your face the entire time, so racing becomes much harder.

There are certainly many decisions with this deck. While against aggro it's very straight-forward, you can play the deck in completely different ways against control decks, and how you play it can be the difference between 20% and 80% win percentage. I think I play much more aggressive now than I did before.
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Dang it Anteres, WHY you gotta be on the EU server.... ;)

Really would love to learn from you in a few matches...

Also, on a side note, the code I had to enter to get logged on today was "bzztpope"

I imagined Pope Francis wielding a staff with lightning crackling out both ends... "Bzzt Pope" - 0 - 7 for 9 Mana - Cannot be Attacked. At the end of each turn one of your random minions goes BZZT!

I know... silly broken card, but hey, what can you do?

"I was winning against this Priest right up until he summoned his Bzzt Pope!"

hehe... too much fun...
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Just had the closest win of my life with this deck.

Playing a mage who had 20 health and no minions left on the board.

I was at 10 health, 1 armor. I had a 5/5 Auctioneer and a 5/5 Azure Drake on the board. The only card in my hand was Ragnaros.

It's his turn and he drops Pyroblast. Now I'm at 1 health.

My turn I top deck Claw of all cards. I dropped Rag, Dropped Claw, took him down to 8 health and clicked End Turn for the win. lol, I don't think he saw that coming.

I get a lot of wins like this with this deck. I'll be very close to losing and then suddenly all the pieces fall into place for the kill shot. Many times I'm doing 15+ damage in one turn, the turn before I would lose.

As far as Shaman's go, I will take your advice and try to out resource them. Shaman's are a difficult matchup IMO because we can add extra mana with innervate, but half of their cards allow them to spend "mana they don't have" up front in exchange for having less the next turn.

I've seen a Shaman overload so much that they can't cast anything their next turn, but they have so much on the board so early that I have no answer to it.

Hunters on the other hand, I mop the floor with them. Even when they don't go straight for the face. Eventually I will have bigger and better minions on the board than them and then it's a matter of Power of the Wild / Savage Roar and they're done.
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I did something very similar with rogue after having randomly had good results with teacher in a arena draft. Same basic idea, just backstabs and deadly poisons instead of innervates and claws. Really fun when it worked, but fear of unleash the hounds and a need to slow things down had me replace them with old reliable sen'jin.

May give it a go in my druid deck though. I'm doing the combo anyway with gadgatzan and questing adventurer in it anyway.
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02/24/2014 05:53 PMPosted by Escher26
Dang it Anteres, WHY you gotta be on the EU server.... ;)

Because I live there :/. Is there a way to play on other servers without spending money?

02/24/2014 06:17 PMPosted by H0urg1ass
Hunters on the other hand, I mop the floor with them. Even when they don't go straight for the face. Eventually I will have bigger and better minions on the board than them and then it's a matter of Power of the Wild / Savage Roar and they're done.

I might try out Savage Roar now, solely because I need a way to kill Hunters more quickly.
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Hmmm, I don't have Bloodmage, Ysera, Cenarius, or Rag :(

Might try it out when I get 2/4 of those :) Looks a bit more of a controlled-burst type deck which seems quite fun. I've had to play druid as it is the one I drew most epics out of from my decks that I bought!

What do you do for board clears btw? I seem to get into a lot of these 3/2, 2/3 minion decks that are low cost to drop, yet pesky to get rid of (w/out a Drake+Swipe combo - and believe me I've tried)
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I tried a similar deck and it works pretty good, except for the matchup vs pure rush hunters (all charge etc.) and strong control decks. If you dont draw the combos, you can't beat a good control pally, warlock or druid. if you do, you can beat any of those except maybe paladin and warlock turtle decks :)
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@Anteres, unfortunately, not at this time, but I may be moving to the EU servers soon anyway as I am relocating to Europe. If not, I very dang well might make an account on that server just so I can play with a variety of other players.

Right now, I am a school teacher in China, so I have many students who are playing on the Chinese language server... It's kind of neat to see the cards and only be able to tell what they are by their pictures :)

Then again, I'm not entirely sure that you cannot create a separate bnet account... I might just try that.

At any rate, back on topic, I think I'm going to modify my Paw with Savage Roar... I had it demonstrated to me a few times this week and it's... pretty dang effective.

Also, for those running without ALL the legendaries - this deck CAN be effective even without Cen, Rag, Thalnos... honestly, I try to only run two legendaries in my decks... unless I can really find a good spot for others.
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stuck at rank 15, looking for suggestions on what to change and craft next.

my variation of the deck:

im guessing I should get rid of the questing adventurer and druids?
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I'm noticing that you're running only one of many important cards, I'd change that first. You need 2x Power of the Wild, 2x Keeper of the Grove, 2x Wild Growth or 0, 2x Wrath.
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Went ahead and added in salvage roar and a force of nature... Had it come up for me just in time to deal the last 14 damage I needed before the Mage launched a fireball at me...

Priests... are starting to get REALLY damn annoying. :/ "Not only do I heal myself, I play YOUR cards right back at you!!!" Sigh... I guess they need a trick.
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Antares, why not use "mana addict" i did a similary build!, - she can get massive, won me a game or two.. what is your thoughts on that card?
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02/12/2014 06:15 PMPosted by Nemesiso

this is what im running:

2 moonfire
2 innervate
2 wild growth
2 claw
2 wrath
2 harvest golem
1 tinkmaster overspark (idk if he's really doing anything most of the times, but its allways good to have it i guess)
2 swipe
1 keeper of grove ( ithink i should craft another 1)
2 violet teacher
1 nourish
1 starfall
2 auctioner
2 starfire
1 ancient of lore
1 ragnaros
1 ysera
1 cenarius.

Rag, ysera, AND cenarius? How's that working for you? I would have thought that would be too top heavy. I have cenarius and ysera, been swapping them in and out, currently dont use either. IDK. I wanna craft rag
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