Warrior do's and don'ts

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Hey, got a warrior rage deck that I like playing alot, but I have some questions on my line-up of warrior specific cards.

Which warrior cards are must-haves and which ones are never add?

Korkron elite I've heard is good but I don't have the space for him. Same thing with cleave.

In my deck I do have 2 inner rage and 1 rampage, but I've heard these are pretty bad.

Got 2 whirwinds too, but against this rush hunter meta they are incredible so I'm keeping them.

Got 1 battle rage as well.

Also, bonus question: Is pyromancer a must-have in all rage decks?
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People don't like inner rage and rampage because while they can be great in the right situation, often times they just let your opponent 2 for 1 you.

kor'kron elite is one of the best warrior cards imo, though it really depends on the way you have your deck built.

It is hard to give more solid advice without seeing your current decklist.

I'm not an expert on this game, but thats my 2 cents.
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Alright, here's the list:

2x inner rage
2x Whirlwind
1x Slam (thinking of adding another)
1x Battle rage
1x Rampage
2x Fiery War axe
2x Cruel Taskmaster
2x Amani Berzerker
2x Mad Bomber
1x Imp master
2x Frothing berzerker
2x Raging Worgen
2x Acolyte of pain
2x Warsong commander
2x Arathi weaponsmith
2x Gurubashi berzerker
1x Arcanite reaper
1x Grommash Hellscream
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I don't think pyromancer is a *must* but I am wondering how you are maintaining a clear board without cleave and without brawl? Whirlwind is great and all, but it's not strong enough to clear the board.

I assume you keep the inner rage to enrage grommash? it's a pretty solid play- 12 burst damage.

Are you running into issues against taunt creatures?

What situations are finding yourself having problems with?
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I use weapons for board clearing mainly. I do have a problem with larger creatures (early twilight drakes and giants, ugh), where excecute would be ideal but the times I've used it its been dead in my hand alot.

Yeah Grommash finish is pretty orgasmic. But inner rage has lots of uses, like using it on an acolyte then taking down a 3 toughness creature, general damage with armani and gurubashi, worgen mayhem etc. As well as acting as moonfire ofc.

Small creatures aren't really a problem for me. Arathi weaponsmith, acolyte and imp master handles them well.
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Anything can be good if you build your deck for it.
I just never use minions without a text if there are equally strong texted ones. For example, no need for a river crocolisk if you got a bloodsail raider.
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