Should i disenchant Gold cards?

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Hey guys!
I just started the game, and i got a golden pyroblast from my first booster, should i keep it, or disenchant it for 1600 and re-craft the normal for 400? What is the difference between gold pyro and normal?
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Just the graphic - i'd definitely suggest disenchanting it currently because it has recently been nerfed, so therefore you get a "full" refund of 1600 dust, normally it would only disenchant for 400 dust.
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Gold cards are equivalent to holofoils in cardboard games. They are identical to the non-gold cards and subject to the identical restrictions. That is, you can have two of a non-legendary card in a deck regardless of whether either of them is gold or not.

Pyroblast is an exception at the moment,in that it was recently altered and its dust disenchant value is temporarily boosted. In another week or two the disenchant value of the gold card will drop to the normal 400 dust value. Because of that I would say that, yes, you should disenchant it and use the dust to buy a regular Pyroblast (assuming you want one) and a bunch of other cards you need.
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Disenchant it to get the full reimbursement like Nurl mentioned. With the 1600 dust you can craft any Legendary in the game and that's a good option to have.

Enjoy your new Legendary.

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01/24/2014 07:11 AMPosted by Helldrake
Hey guys! I just started the game, and i got a golden pyroblast from my first booster

This is a special case, it will not be 1600 dust for much longer, it's because it has recently been changed. So this one you can definitely disenchant, of you for some reason would want a golden pyroblast later it will "only" cost the 1600 dust you get for it now. So question about it, Im sure you can think of a lot of better things to do with that dust at the moment!
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Ah, thanks for the quick answers, i disenchanted it then, but as i'm new, what should i build with it? Aim to play Mage/Warlock/Rogue. But as i read mage and lock not that popular, so maybe as side/fun deck i would use 'em. Rogue can be good at competitive level?
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If you want to make a legendary Leeroy is very strong in most agro decks including rogue.

However if you don't plan on buying many packs/ arena right away you could craft most of the cards for a good rogue deck, however eventually you will open a lot of those cards.

So if you are aiming for the long term crafting a legendary like leeroy would be best
But if you are aiming for the quick short term head start you could craft the epics and rates you need for a good deck
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