Seriously screwed myself up

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I was fighting a control warrior and managed to get him to the magic number of 14 HP. He didn't play a taunt, and it was my turn with 10 mana and I had Savage Roar and Force of nature. I actually had a claw in hand so it was possible to do 16 damage but he was at only 14 hp. Winning this meant I was going to rank 5.

I played to hastily and threw out the savage roar BEFORE my force of nature. Only realizing this after playing force of nature. So I missed lethal, and was forced to send my tree ents to his enraged warrior legendary. It got even more dire when he faceless manipulated my Rag, and his killed mine.

But the RNG Hearthstone gods felt sorry for me and top decked me a tinkmaster and favored me some more with at 1/1 because I had no way to deal with a 5/5 at this point. The game went on for turns as we both exusted our legendaries and were throwing oozes and golumns and playing black knights with no taunts.

I ended up winning, but lesson learned. Play slow, and make sure force of nature first!
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I had calculated in a game that I would win the game by playing my Leeroy. Well I played it too fast, and somehow clicked on it to attack a minion rather than my opponent, LOL. Luckily, I still won a turn or two later, but that coulda been catastrophic, rofl
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When I play on my ipad my mind tends to be focused on to many a blu ray movie playing int he back ground, music from my ipod or my daughter wanting attention or my wife barking orders haha....given this I tend to play quickly and my most common misstep is hitting the end turn button before using that extra 2 crystals mid to late game to activate hero power and hit for 1. Then it comes down to the final turn of the game and I do enough damage to leave them at 1. GG, well played and then take it in the face for the loss.

Doesn't upset me that I lost but it irks me a bit cause of the mistakes I made during the game.

But on the flip side when you think through the turn and play through the sequence exactly as you had planned with a bit of RNG on your side and get them to 0 it brings an uneven smile to my face.

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