Hey guys, just wanted to share my recent experience with my Druid deck.
I'm quite sure that it will never happen again, so might as well make a big fuzz about it and share it with you! I'm aware that you can do a lot more, but given the minions I had on the board it was amusing.
I won't go into each and every turn I played, just the important things to pull all that burst at round 7.

Round 2 - Wild Growth (+1 Mana)
Round 4 - Nourish (+2 Mana)
Round 5 - Stormwind Champion
Round 6- Soul of the Forest

At his turn he killed my lesser minions that had SotF and I was left with 2 Treants and the Stormwind Champion.
So her is round 7!

Step/DMG#: 0-1-2--3---4
Stormwind--: 6-6-8-10-10
Treant--------: 2-3-5--7---7
Treant--------: 2-3-5--7---7
Hero----------: 0-0-2--4---8

10mp--#1-Stormwind buff +1 to minions==10mp
10mp--#2-Savage roar buff +2 to all===== 7mp
7mp----#3-Savage roar buff +2 to all===== 4mp
4mp----#4-Bite(+4 hero DMG)========== 0mp