Warrior changes

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Decided to share the patchnotes that are most probably upcoming soon with you guys, major warrior changes are to be made.

Cards removed and completely reworked
Slam remade, changes below
Commanding shout removed from the game
Shield block remade, changes below
Battle rage removed from the game
Gorehowl removed from the game

Warrior now has secrets, with different manacosts.Warrior is the only class with both 3 and 2 mana secrets

Spellreflect (epic card,3 mana)- whenever the enemy hero does damage to a minion with a spell, nullify the damage and hit the enemy hero for the initial spell damage, spellpower bonuses and additional effects applied(if any).
Intercept( rare card 2 mana) - whenever the enemy drops a creature, hit it with your weapon without losing the durability, but taking the damage. If there is no weapon, gain 2 armor.
Taunt/intervene ( natural warrior card, 2 mana) Whenever the enemy attacks(anyhow) your minion, redirect the damage to Garrosh.
Shield block( common card, 3 mana) Blocks the next attack made against Garrosh, cant block the retaliation damage when attacking with a weapon.

Other changes

Armorsmith now is a 1 2 creature, costs one mana and gives Garrosh 1 armor at the end of your turn.
Shield slam now costs 2 mana and can be used to attack the enemy hero, but no more than 3 damage when attacking a hero. Draw a card.
Slam now does 3 damage to a minion for 2 mana, without any additional effects.
Upgrade! Now makes Garrosh equip a 2 1 weapon instead of 1 3 when he has no weapon.
Warsong commander - when you summon a minion with 3 attack or less, give it charge and +1 damage for 1 turn.
Garrosh Hellscream now has 5 damage 7 health instead of 4 damage 9 health.
Execute now also draws a card.
Mortal strike always deals 4 damage, but draws a card if Garrosh is below 20 health.

Non-warrior chages

Bloodsail raiders now cant get more than 2 damage from the battlecry effect.

Btw, the patch name is Dream on, son! GOTCHA AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHHA
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well played
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Blizz will never ever buff warriors anyway.
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