Warrior considerations and thoughts.

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I was really disappointed seeing the recent changes that affected the warrior cards.
Honestly, as a lot of players already said, it could have been really easy to SELECTIVELY block the "overpowered" combo involving giants + brewmaster. But, instead of changing those cards (neutral), you prefer to change the warsong commander (WARRIOR).

None of you considered to put on the giant ("this card is immune to charge effects" or "this card can only attack once in the same turn") or to put on the brewmaster ("minions that are summoned after the brewmaster can't attack more than once in the same turn")?

Well, considered that you didn't choose really smart solutions but preferred the less intelligent one (better to nerf A WHOLE CLASS or 2 neutral cards?), I have some suggestions for future changes:

1) Make the ability of the warsong commander at least like it worked before: I mean, leaving him with the attack power limit at 3 for the charging minions (that in my honest opinion could also be raised at 4) but make his (her!) ability working on ALL OUR MINIONS (i.e. also the ones that were summoned BEFORE the commander, like before). This is really important because sometimes you are going to play minions before her and eventually play her AFTER a lucky draw in that turn. That nerf (that wasn't noticed by anyone it seems!) was totally un-necessary. And it has nothing to do with the giant-brewmaster combo. Please fix it.

2) Make the Shield Slam card working also on the enemy heroes but at half damage. I know that full damage could really be overpowered but remember that Shield Slam is a EPIC card. An EPIC card must do something...EPIC. Nothing is more epic that aim to the enemy's face wielding a charging shield. I don't think it would be an excessive boost to warrior class but it surely could work very well in sinergy with several cards and, obviously, with the hero power

3) Make the hero power (Armor up!) gaining 3 armor instead of 2. At the moment this hero power is really bad compared to the other ones, let's face this. Giving 3 armor (raising its "utility" by 50%) could really make some difference in terms of survivability, tactic and, of course sinergy with Shield Slam or any other future cards that, I hoper, will work together with armor (i.e. minions that have a warcry increasing their hit points with your armor value or increasing their attack power with your armor value).

I hope I didn't annoyed anyone. Let me know your thoughts about these issues, mates.
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I don't think armor needs to be changed, but I DO think we need more cards that have some kind of synergy with it, ie: a card that transfers all of the heros armor to a minion, and removes it from the hero.

What the warrior is lacking a bit right now is any kind of plasticity- it's exceedingly difficult (without a ton of legendaries) to craft a slow burn control deck that can actually adapt to a long game without exhausting all of your cards.
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