Need help on a deck after getting a legendary

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Hello everybody.
I never played much Warrior. But last day I got
  • Grommash Hellscream
  • and I want to make a warrior deck. And btw I'm a new player, have less than a week of play time and just have my warrior in lvl 10. What deck you would reccomend that doesn't have much epic cards and etc, but has him?

    (Sorry if my english is not very good)
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    try this XD
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    This is the deck I run. Been working really well so far. Beaten both rush and control decks. Lots of card draw in it. Use spells and weaponsmiths for early control. Wear down with weapons and finish with Grommash. Have fun.

    2 x Inner Rage (0)
    2 x Execute (1)
    2 x Shield Slam (1)
    2 x Whirlwind (1)
    2 x Cleave (2)
    1 x Rampage (2)
    1 x Slam (2)
    1 x Cruel Taskmaster (2)
    2 x Shield Block (3)
    2 x Acolyte of Pain (3)
    2 x Arathi Weaponsmith (4)
    2 x Arcanite Reaper (5)
    1 x Brawl (5)
    1 x Abomination (5)
    2 x Gadgetzan Auctioneer (5)
    2 x Spiteful Smith (5)
    1 x Black Knight (6)
    1 x Gorehowl (7)
    1 x Grom Hellscream (8)
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    Deck should at minimum contain the Warsong Commander + Worgen + Inner Rage combo
    (Same damage as Grom, but 2 turns sooner if your opponent forces you to 6 gem it)

    You can take the deck a lot of different directions after that

    Leroy, Tinker, Black Knight, and Blood Knight are the chase cards to look into, but the deck is more than functional on a budget too
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    If you have a crazed alchemist play it in the deck when you swap out the black knigh legendary. There are many shinanigans to be had with that card like using it turn 10 with Grommash and an inner rage to give him 17 attack charge. Or use it on Ysera and only need 4 damage to take it down when you switch the 4/12 into a 12/4.

    Cheers & Have Fun,
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    If you plan on building into a warrior save up some dust and craft to Frothing Berserkers first.
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