Healing Touch

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Only 3 mana for 8 health!?!?!?!
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I does not impact the board at all. Regard life as a resource and not as a goal. Only the last point truly counts. When you are gaining the 8 health, you could be doing something meaningful in stead. It appears to me that some people like it, but I think that it is a bad card.
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Seems right to me. Holy Light is 2mana for 6HP
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I don't even use healing touch in my druid deck. -_-
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Im actually happy if druid plays healing touch, gives me a little break between all the big creatures^^
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Heals aren't really valuable in Hearthstone. It doesn't work towards winning you the game most of the time (unless you need that heath to use weapon/claw/bite/druid hero power/heroic strike without dying, which is very rare). The only reason Lay on Hands is so expensive is the card draw.
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It helps getting out of the 10Life-Zone when playing against mages Roflblast. Thats the main reason I have one in the deck.
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It also saves your life against hunter rush decks.
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