Gonna start ranked soon; how's my deck?

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Edit: Thanks for the advice. I have fixed up the deck based on what people have said and have it posted below

Fellow druids, I was looking for some opinions on my deck and how it will fare in ranked. It has been working in casual and I was going to step in competition.

Old build for other new players to see creation of decks and what a not good deck is :)
2x claw
1x naturalize
2x savagery
1x wild growth
2x wrath
2x novice engineer
2x mark of nature
2x acolyte of pain
2x bite
2x swipe
2x keeper of the grove
2x twilight drake
2x star fall
2x satrfire
1x ancient of war
2x ironbark
1x ragnaros

So far I've been using my spells and keeper/twilight to get into late game. Beat a warrior yesterday when I had 3 health because I got to turn 8. Any opinions or advice for a newer player would be appreciated. Specifically trying to trim it to get 2 innervates. Also I don't have too many legendaries just Cairne and the 6/6 gnome (forgot his name)
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Sorry to disappoint u i stop reading at 2x savagery ...its bad ;D
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You don't have enough minions. Add in some early game regulars like Harvest Golum and Fairie Dragons.

Ditch the wild growth and I concur with Prototype....drop those Savagery's like they're hot!


EDIT: Calad has a point. I don't know how I missed Druid of the Claw. It's one of the best basic set minions if not thee best.
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01/29/2014 09:24 AMPosted by Prototype
Sorry to disappoint u i stop reading at 2x savagery ...its bad ;D

You are a bad troll. The guy came here looking for advice on how to change his deck. He wanted to know if it would fair well in ranked play. Termon, consider some of the following cards and see if you can work them in:

Druid of the Claw(great taunter or charge, depending on the situation)
Starfire(a lot of ppl think this is too expensive, but I have found it really useful)
Harvest Golem(Carl sold me on this one, it's an awesome minion)
Mark of the Wild over Mark of Nature(like one of these)
Ancient of Lore(should be one of the first epics you create). These guys are awesome
Chillwind Yeti.....all around great creature for the cost, I think.

Good luck with your deck :).
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Edit added new build in a post below. Kept second build for othjer new players to see deck creation process
Thanks for the input

Here is what I am currently thinking:

Took out both savagery, both mark mature, wild growth, a twilight drake and an acolyte to add 2x harvest golem a swamp ooze, a faerie dragon, 2x yeti, a mark of the wild, a raging worgen and cairne. A little worried of too many one ofs. Cairne seems like a giant harvest golem but is the 5 health too low for a six cost? Also with more minions would soul of the forest be useful in place of say twilight drake?
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Soul of the forest doesn't fit your deck build. It's more of a save your board of pint sized minions.

Cairne is excellent even if it baits out a silence. It basically has 10 health. Also keep the raging wargon out and keep that spot open for a Druid of the Claw and see if you can fit in another to boot.

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Hey Termon,

Tbh its not a terrible deck for a new player but I strongly recommend you get rid of those savagery's as a must! haha. Innovates are just sooooo much better. Also, as a bit of advice I would take out one claw and one bite, for the sole reason that they are a 1 for 1 card and replace them with something like harvest golems as mentioned before as you get loads more for your mana. As for the Cairn card you mentioned get it in there!! haha he's an amazingly efficient card and if your lucky you can pull him out on turn 4 with an innovate!! (I once was lucky and got him out on turn 1 with a coin and 2 innovates). As a final side note, switching out an iron bark for a ancient of lore would be better in my eyes as it give you a bit more versatility, but its a matter of personal preference.

Please lemme know if this helps or if indeed it didnt haha!!

maybe see your around man!
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Thanks. Forgot to say I added to Druids of the claw x2. The worgen was added for mana curve mostly and replaced the second twilight drake. I'll have to play it to see which is more worthwhile. Also may put an innervate in instead of either.
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Honestly, if the worgen doesnt play some integral part to your tactics, i'd switch him out for either of those 2. depending on how much card draw your deck has now as a result of your tinkering the twilight drake may be better :), if there isnt much card draw then innovate away!! :D
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Termon if you want to stick with mana curve play with Earthern Ring Farseer which give 3 life instead of the Wargon. Good for control decks to reach later rounds where they are in more control.

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Thanks for all the feed back guess its time to head into the ladder
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Which language is it you, uh, speak on?
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You don't need the novice enginners if you have ancient of lore, and you can replace them with ooze/pyro instead. You have an ancient of war and a rag, so you might as well drop the ironbarks as well. Druid of the Claw is amazing, so grab that, possibly replace Azure Drake. With ancient of lores, 2 wraths and 2 starfires you'd have enough card draw to last you through the game (most of the time)

Drop the 2 wild growth and savagery, add innervates, since you're already top heavy anyways. Again, Acolyte of pain is good but not a prime 3 drop minion. Best 3 mana minion is Harvest Golem.

You have too few minions, and no 6 cost ones. I recommend Argent Commander or Sunwalker unless you have Cairne, Hogger or Sylvanas, or even Black Knight.
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Thanks again everyone for the advice. Edited the deck as prescribed and this deck went 5-1 tonight on casual (gonna go back and play rank now even with the reset in 2 days) :

0 cost: Innervate (x1)
1 cost: Claw (x2), Naturalize (x1)
2 cost: Mark of the wild (x1) Novice engineer (x1) Wrath (x2) Faerie Dragon (x1)
3 cost: Acolyte of Pain (x1), Harvest Golem (x2)
4 cost: Bite (x2) Swipe (x2) Keeper (x2) Yeti (x2) Twilight Drake (x1)
5 cost: Starfall (x2) Druid of the Claw (x2)
6 cost: Cairne, Starfire (x1)
7 cost: Ancient of War (x1)
8 cost: Rag, Ironbark (x1)

I plan on getting an ancient of lore soon and putting it in over the iron bark and take out the novice engineer for either another MoW or Faerie Dragon. Also may take out the second bite for second twilight drake or a farseer
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