Best counter to druid decks.

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So people maining druid in rank 5+ and legend. What do you have really hard against?

Im on rank 6-7 and all I meet are druids and I feel that I have to change deck to improve.
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I'm not that high ranked, since I just started, but I have been watching videos and researching for a long time.

Best counter to druids in my experience is Priest. They're just tedious to deal with when you have big creatures then shadow word death/ mind control comes out and neutralise your ironbark, and Keeper of the grove can be shadow word pain'd. I swapped sen'jin out for Yeti and play 4 attack 6 cost creatures just to play around shadow words, but I still lose to priests more often than any other classes.

Paladins are hard to beat as well for Druids. But when I get to late game and drop my big stompy minions that Paladins have trouble against, it's usually my win.

You generally don't want to play rush against Druids, who arguably is tied for best control with mages (Mages have better spells, Druids have more good minions)
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Well I guess they are nice against druids. Even tho druids don't play ironbark high ranked. But I believe they still have it pretty hard, like 50%.

Anyone here that plays high ranked druid that can share some info?
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You just don't see Priests run at higher levels of ranked, because they don't really do well at anything.

Giant Warlocks are really bad matchups for Druids. The new Shaman deck that's being run like crazy is also a good matchup. Aggro decks are okay depending on draw rng.
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Yeah I'm playing semi aggro/control lock now and its like 40% win chance against druid which sucks. Do you know if a real warrior (not reynad's) is a good match up for a druid?
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01/29/2014 04:50 PMPosted by Errei
Yeah I'm playing semi aggro/control lock now and its like 40% win chance against druid which sucks. Do you know if a real warrior (not reynad's) is a good match up for a druid?

I would say no. Druid has better card draw than warrior, and better creatures. No way the warrior can win the late game. And unless you are playing a deck like reynads you aren't gonna win early. Though druid does pretty well against the reynad deck too.
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Control Warlock is a great match-up against Druid. You can get really big heavy hitters and taunt them up much earlier than you can in a Druid deck.

I rarely see Black Knight being used these days either so you don't have too much to worry about.
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Autoconcede is best counter to druid bull!@#$.
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Handlock. I think some shaman builds have a favorable matchup.
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Playing as a druid, I have a lot of trouble against the shamans. They have good control spells and it's very annoying to deal with the Unbound elementals, Feral spirits, Fire elementals and totems. It's "easy" for them to control and overwhelm druids especially since most druids don't use Starfall anymore.
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While I was pretty lax in ranked for season 2, I made it to rank 4 in season 1 playing Druid. Even though the meta's changed quite a bit since then, I ran relatively the same deck as I do now. The Priest decks gave me problems most of the time and I probably had a sub-50% win rate against them. I got into a habbit in the late game of not playing big minions unless I had my own removal to take it out if needed.

Shamans were one of my most fun encounters and I probably had a 50% winrate against them. I didn't have an issue with unbound elementals because I could take it out early, but the other elementals and removal were a big issue.

I don't have too big of an issue with Giant Warlock. I still run Black Knight and BGH, and I save my other removal if I can identify that it is a Giant Warlock early on.

What is the Handlock deck exactly? I've been hearing about it but I can't find any sort of decklist on here or Hearthpwn.
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i play only shamans now
its really good against druid because of hex and Earth Shock. your cheap spells usually takes care of big stuff when they throw Innervate at you

you will have a headache vs hunters though since your hero power is useless. overall druid imo still the best control class op :)
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anything that can out last them whilst saving key removal cards for the late game

so basically..priest

but still its tedious and long, which in my opinion isn't really efficient for ranking up anyway

id rather risk it witha rush deck and concede if i aren't getting a ridiculously lucky card draw and then just go again. Short games the way to go
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Shaman might also be viable, from what I hear. They have a fair amount of cheap removal, their hero power gives them bodies for board presense and versatility not to mention it's difficult, if not impossible, for the druid to simply use their own hero power to remove them. Granted, I'm still a fairly low level player still trying to get the cards together to build a better deck, but shaman seems to be the hardest for me to deal with.
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