Dear Mr. Miracle Rogue...

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I must say, your playstyle is as impressive as it is audacious.

But can you please hurry it up? It's freaking BORING waiting for you to finish your 15-card combo that somehow ends up with obscenely-buffed Questing Adventurer and Edwin Van Cleef and Shadowstepped-double-charging Leeroy Jenkins and all the other fancy tricks.

I mean seriously. There are times when I could walk away and make a sandwich while you perform the convoluted series of swaps and exercises with all those card draws and 0-cost cards and rogue combos.

I think fast and act fast. If I ever take so long that the timer rope shows, it's only because I'm pouring myself another drink, weeping at how I somehow got myself into this predicament, or calling home to my mother to ask why she didn't love me more.

I don't begrudge you your deck, and I only mildly begrudge you the victory (okay, honestly, I hate you, are you happy now? There's ANOTHER month with the therapist, down the drain...) but I do regret the time spent waiting for you to finish...
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Dear customer

thank you for calling the 1337-Rogue hotline. We are truly sorry for our employes to take that long for their turns. But you must understand, compared to any other class the rogue needs to think how he/she can get the maximun effect out of our combo cards. As you can imagen, if we had simple design cards like the Mage or Hunter, we woulnd need time to think carefully about our next steps.

I hope you will soon call us again for your feedback, thank you!
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Everbard: It takes time when youve got insane carddraw combined with all the things you have to cast in a single round, with new cards entering your hand as fast as you can spend them basically, changing the order of what comes next drastically in many cases.

Like for instance youre planning on dropping VCleef at the end of the hand, and you dont have Prep. So youve got a planned order to play, then you draw Prep, and suddenly youve got a ton of new choices to consider.

All the while keeping in focus that youre probably doing this entire thing to finish the game in that specific turn, or the next. Underthink it and you might find your opponent at 2 health, your buffed up minions standing there just waiting for removal, and costing you the game.

Sorry for taking so long those few turns, but hell... Thats the game :/
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There are barely any miracle rogue's left these days.. And I rather see someone spending an entire turn playing 15 cards than someone who's constantly shifting between his cards and eventually plays one or two cards. Dear Mr Miracle Rogue please continue with what you are doing, making people gaze in awe as you perform a kickass combo. Its the only real rogue'ish playstyle.
I can't believe you could actually complain about this, you encounter what, like 1 miracle rogue in 50 games? And IF they can pull the miracle off, you need watch them do it for like 20-30seconds? thats 30seconds in 50 games and you actually make a topic about it?
For the love of god who do you shoot when you're coffee gets cold?
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1 in 50 would be quite alot. At the lower ranks there's barely 1 in 50 rogues of any sort, and even then most use a minion-heavy deck for consistency. It's very rare to come across a miracle rogue.

Anyway, you have two choices. Sit back and enjoy the show, or just hit concede and move on. The choice is yours :)
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Thank you guys :P .
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the times you are still theorycrafting your play and suddenly the time is almost gone...
i love miralce rogue and maybe it is the only reason i still play, but i see that this deck is more RNG dependant than others. i ve lost so many easy games because i didnt draw decent cards (like losing one game drawing 2 preps, 2 cold blood and a shadowstep with not a single creature to cast).
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IF you take no time playing is because ur deck is mindless rushing style or just mindless.

AS one above stated we need to get max potential of combos,

No because you play fast means u play right..

I used to play fast and had an average winrate but now I think very carefully any move

Resume: You're a Mr. Noob!

Cyaaaaaa eat all your lunch!
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It's nice to see who takes this in the humor in which it was intended, and who resorts to insults. It's all fun and games here.

I mean, it was either this, or whine about losing, and there's enough wining as it is in the forums.

I mean, I tried playing rogue... if just to get all the basic cards, and win a few matches for quests, but honestly, trying to work every card for a combo and synergy gave me a headache. So if you can play a good rogue, points to you. :)

But it's still time-consuming to watch them shuffle their cards, and then, only then, do you realize you've been set-up for 19+ damage in a round, and you think "If only I'd known, I'd have been out of here ages ago..." Sure, there's the joy in watching an artist work, but that's only good the first time or two. :)
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Out of the two choices you felt you had (this or whining about losing) you definitely picked the best one :)

Yeah I can see it being annoying to just sit there waiting while the opponent does god knows, then realizing "oh, right, thats forced sodomy. thats forced sodomy right there" :/
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One word:



A Miracle Rogue
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The thing that irritates me is when they play a questing adventurer, buff it to 15/15 or something, and then next turn I silence it and that whole combo was a waste of everyone's time.
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02/04/2014 06:35 PMPosted by Azihe
The thing that irritates me is when they play a questing adventurer, buff it to 15/15 or something, and then next turn I silence it and that whole combo was a waste of everyone's time.

if u silence a good combo questing, you are achieving your winning. because resources rogue spent are huge.
so you just made rogue think he won. double satisfaction.
a rogue
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Conceding during the miracle is a mortal sin. Remember that.
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honestly i find that im generally done making my combo before the rope shows but since the animations take so long i use up the rest of my turn just letting the cards play out.
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Dear Everbard, I am sorry that you have found the Miracle Rogue's secret deal that gave us turns five times the length of all other turns. As you know, we are in no way bound by the timer. You have figured this out but please don't tell the others as they will be angry.
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Here's the thing...

The more courteous among us spend that time by ourselves, dreaming up a good deck that can be quickly played.

I won't begrudge the miracle rogue, since a single card, trap, or even a blocker or two can utterly shut them down, and I have killed them dozens of times. The problem is that while we waste our time building a deck chock full of easy combos, we are wasting no one's time but our own.

Our 'perfect' decks are not easy mode by any means... in fact, being able to spot a play and use it quickly means, not that we are stupid or slow, or using an easy deck, but that we have thought about it ahead of time, and are actually prepared.

Miracle rogues, however, generally do NOT have to worry about building the perfect deck. The card list for a miracle deck are well-known... and while there might be new variations (especially with Naxxramas) they spend that time, OUR time, trying to come up with the perfect play.

The difference is who's time you are wasting. Us 'fast' players waste only our own, you 'intense combo' players waste other people's time.

The real kicker here is that miracle rogues now pretty much avoid ladder. the time you waste is that of people who simply are playing for the fun of it. And watching a massively long movie is NOT much fun... there's a name for miracle roguues on the ladder, and that is 'easy target'.

Now, if you want to call zoolocks easy mode, I won't argue... their biggest question is whether to sacrifice a doomguard or a soulfire, and their decks are pretty much set in stone. But Miracle rogues? I call them inconsiderate players who exist only to make one out of four players feel like they should have conceded instead of allowing you to waste their time.

I figure it's a weird sort of greifing.
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I'm a priest player and I see no problems with miracle rogues playing it slow.
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One thing you also have to keep in mind is that the actions just take time to process.

I once watched as an opponent (miracle rogue) started his actions around the time the rope started burning, and he played out literally 12-15 cards. Each card took about 4-5 seconds to graphically show up, have its animation take place, kill things or create effects, etc, before the next card happened.

The resutl was that the fuse exploded... And after that I STILL SAT THERE for another 30-45+ seconds just WATCHING THESE CARD EFFECTS HAPPEN.

That said, a turn gives, what, 90 seconds? It's fair to assume that sometimes a Rogue will take the first 60, figure out his move, and then dump his hand in 10 seconds and end turn.. But then the actions/sequences of the game take 1-2 minutes to actually process.
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Cannot wait for removing stupid Actioner or Rogue from the game, its the most boring class with silly cards ever. Even in WoW.
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