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The Link


Druid Mill Deck

The Core

2x Naturalize
1x Youthful Brewmaster
1x Coldlight Oracle

The Fodders

1x Chillwind Yeti
2x Druid of the Claw
1x Cairne Bloodhoof
2x Ancient of Lore

The Pew-pew

2x Claw
2x Wrath
2x Keeper of The Groove
2x Swipe
2x Starfall
2x Force of Nature
2x Starfire

Teh Clutch

1x Tinkmaster Overspark


2x Healing Touch

The Situational

1x Acidic Swamp Ooze
1x Big Game Hunter
1x Wild Pyromancer

the thing i like about the deck are it tries to withstand your opponent 30 cards, so i actually learning something from other people's deck and trying to understand their deck

that said, sometimes you just abandon "The Core" play and just treat them as an extra control if the situation requires it

if there such thing as sideboard where you can switch out cards just before a match the deck might just be competitive, well... probably XD
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Zloc I run a very similar but I ramp and just play with the big bodied card drawers.

My deck list of the top of my head:

Innervate x2
Moonfire x2
Naturalize x2
Wild Growth x2
Wrath x2
Swipe x2
Nourish x2
Starfire x2

Thalnos Bloodmage
Nat Pagle
Coldlight Oracle x2
King Mukla
Gadgetzan Auctioneer x2
Azure Drake x2
Ancient of Lore x2

Just mulligan for Nourish and Wild Growth all day err day.

Best possible draw going second:

Coin + Wild grownth turn 1
Innervate + Nourish turn 2

Then you can bring out your Drakes or Auctioneer to refill hand then go for the gusto.

I think I also had 1 Mark of the Wild instead of the Starfall but I can't recall.

Plenty of games I am at 10 crystals and opponent is still at 6 so you have a few games to assert control and build your hand up.

The original deck did not use any Legendarys. I used more spells to complete the spell quest. Usually ran out of cards and made myself draw 5 cards with no cards left in deck and burned myself to death. The engine worked well so I tried one that could go for a victory and surprisingly it did.

Super fun deck win or loose.

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