new druid rank 19 need help with deck

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Hi, can you please add some advices to my deck for rankeds?
The deck is:
2x Innervate
2x Claw
2x Mark of the Wild
1x Wrath
2x Acidic Swamp Ooze
2x Novice Engineer
2x Ironfur Grizzly
1x Razorfen Hunter
2x Shattered Sun Cleric
1x Tinkmaster Ovespark
2x Swipe
2x Sen'jin Shieldmasta
2x Spellbreaker
2x Starfire
2x Boulderfist Ogre
1x Ancient of Lore
2x Ironback Protector
I have a few cards so I was trying to build the best. My tactic is trying to control early, mid game, force disablers like hex, poly and shine in late with ogres and Ironback protectors, but I feel that deck is bad and I cant handle with hunters. Please help me.
PS: Sorry for my bad english
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I'm joining you on this thread :) I'm new to the game, tried most of the classes, and want to make a good druid deck :P I have about the same except no legendary, yet.
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In my opinion you should put Harvest Golem/Chillwind yeti into your deck. These two cards are some of best to use for what mana you play them for. If you can get 2 Keepers of the groove instead of spell breakers that would help you. Aswell if your having problems with hunters and the new face deck they work with. Try adding two Sunfury protectors isntead of infur grizzly or some faire dragons so u can have a higher chance to get your 2 drops. After 5mana you should be able to run the board with Druid of the claw(Also 4 mana with chillwinds/Senjin). If you have other legendaries IE. Rag or Sylv u can put those in for ur ironbark protects.
As for your 3 drop of the you can put in Earthen Ring farseer, a really good 2 for 1 card value. Replace this with your razorfen. Currently not home cant send you my decklist and cannot remember what i have in my deck, i ran what strifecro and reynad did a bit in their druid decks. With some modifications because i did not have some legendaries.
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Hey man! Thanks for the infos :) i have the fairy and golem, but i gonna get a Farseer and Sunfury, i see your point in that :) Could you post your deck when you have the chance?
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Sure uhh i wont be home for a while, in class all bored LOL so probably in a few hours.
I would suggest searching up some really good players like reynad/artosis/strifecro for their decks, reynad makes alot of decks that dont require "pay2win" so you have the options of putting legendaries or not.
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