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Hello, fellow defenders of nature!

i've been playing around with a druid build for the past few days. i figured since it was on the daily quest, and i've never built one before, so far, this is my third test deck, and it seems very reliable at keeping board control. it almost plays like a better version of a warrior, or a more control-based mage with better hit points, but the endgame result is very spiky. sometimes i get the cards i need to finish off a guy, like soul of the forest + power of the wild, and others i've used up all my cards and i run out of steam.

it seems to be gifted with almost a 50% win rate, but like i said, sometimes it's great, other times it gets out-controlled, and i sit there watching the forces build up against me until it's too late. card draw is fine as long as i can play and keep the gadgetzan auctioneer alive. otherwise, it lacks enough draw power or overwhelming force in the endgame.

without further ado:
innervate x2
claw x2
naturalize x2
mark of the wild x2
power of the wild x2
wild growth
healing touch
mark of nature
savage roar
bite x2
swipe x2
cult master
keeper of the grove
ogre magi x2
druid of the claw
gadgetzan auctioneer
force of nature
starfire x2
ironbark protector x2

any advice would be appreciated. assume that these are most of my druid cards and i will have to craft new ones.
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I would reccommend putting more low cost creatures in deck to help with early/mid game. And let late game creatures/control win the game. Harvest Golem for example is one of the best 3 cost creatures, as u get a 2/3 body first, then once dies u get a 2/1 body for just 3 mana u make them deal with it twice. Another good one i like to use is faerie dragon, 2 mana 3/2 that cant be targeted by spells and can only die to aoe and direct attacks. I would say take out the mark's and power of wild's, you dont have any creatures u can drop them on early. 2 naturalize is a bit much, cut to one imo; giving them 4 cards is just to bad for us to play 2 naturalize. I also see your playing cult master, which is a good card, but seeing as all ur other creatures are higher cost than it, whats point? cult master would benefit from the addition of the creatures i mentioned before.

For you i would try and focus on getting some of the rare druid cards at this point; another keeper of the grove and druid of the claw most definately. Another wrath is probably a good choice too, good combo with the auctioneer. Starfires can be replaced by starfalls once u get them. Yeti is also a good card for druids, i just started playing it in my deck and its definately a phenominal card; turn 2 innervate into yeti, puts huge pressure on oppenent and usually forces favorable trades for u.

All in all out with some of ur low cost spells, in with more early game creatures to help stabilize/halt aggro against you and let ur big dudes take over late.

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fantastic advice, thanks. i was wondering about that cult master, like you said. i like the power of the wilds cause it can double as a panther early on, but will add some harvest golems and def. starfall.

again, thanks! will post again when i test it out some more.
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