Hello guys,
I am new at hearthstone, started play this week. I bought some packs of cards, disenchant some and made my DRUID deck.
So i started "Rank matchmake" and i came to rank 10, that i am really happy with, because I don't have much experience.

So here is my problem:

I faced "all kind" of decks this week, and there is one that I ever lost when i face... It's Prist deck. So a made a research and see that everybody are saying that prist deck is not fine in this moment.
And i can't understand why my problem is facing a "weak deck", can anyone give me a tip or tell me one of his weakness, anything that can help??

Ty, and sy for my bad english... I tried to make this quest on Brazilian forum, but we still dosen't have an "Druid's discussion session"