2x farie dragon
1x ironbeak owl
2x novice engineer
1x magma rager
1x Razorfen hunter
2x shattered sun cleric
2x warsong commander
1x arathi weaponsmith
2x Dragon ling commander
1x kor'kron elite
2x shieldmasta
1x Venture co. mecernary
2x stormwind champion

2x Execute
1x whirlwind
1x cleave
2x slam
2x charge

1x Arcanite Reaper
1x fiery waraxe

This Deck is a very balanced deck that is strong early game and even stronger after turn 6. Focus on controlling the board with your spells and 2 drops until you can get out warsong to deal crushing blows with your other minions like Dragonling commander and sun cleric. Then finish them with your heavy hitters like stormwind champ and venture co.