Out of date deck, is it bad? (need help)

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Hi guys I have posted a few times and after getting some great info I have one question left to ask.

I have beaten down the deck I want to learn with/use (because I love the style) to Strifecro's ramp druid deck.

I used the build of decktacula #4.

Cairne Bloodhoof × 1
Bloodmage Thalnos × 1
Cenarius × 1
Sylvanas Windrunner × 1
The Black Knight × 1
Ancient of Lore × 2
Defender of Argus × 2
Keeper of the Grove × 2
Starfall × 1
Wild Pyromancer × 2
Druid of the Claw × 2
Earthen Ring Farseer × 2
Harvest Golem × 2
Loot Hoarder × 1
Wrath × 2
Swipe × 2
Claw × 1
Innervate × 2
Novice Engineer × 2

I am aware that it is out of date, or so I have been told, but how much is that hurting me?

Will it still stand the test for the current meta? I spent a bit of cash and got lucky with drops and decided to spent a bit more to complete the deck (in no way is this buyers remorse, and was aware of possible changes to decks/meta), I however do not really want to fork out more for the latest version of this deck, and wanted to try and collect the rest of the cards with gold.

Just looking for some opinions, I got a fair few cards but that pretty much sums up all my legendaries apart from Leroy... anything you would switch out/change?

Thanks for any help.
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Don't like the 2 novice and the 1 loot hoarder at all. Throw in just 1 nourish for late draw if you need it. The deck is pretty slow, so you most likely won't empty your hand until late game. Add Pagle too.

The 2 pyros are just ok.

If you're struggling against rush, 2 tazdingos usually can help.


Most druids now, including myself are running the watchers/protectors combo for early game aggro counters. Just another idea to try.
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Yea thanks I felt the same way about the novice, loot hoarder much the same. By the time I can start laying down some real protection though taunts I am feeling the sting unless I draw well, Ill slot in the protector/watcher combo.

any other suggestions?

Edit: dropped 2 novice and the 1 loot hoarder along with 1 pyro for 2 protector 2 watcher as they all where dying before doing anything anyway.... think its worth dropping the other pyro for nourish?

Also will have to work towards Tinkmaster and Pagle so they are not options right now.
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I'd say drop the other pyro for nourish. While pyro is still really good in certain situations, your deck is really slow, so it'll be hard to use him effectively on a regular basis, especially if he's your only play.

I recently debated between crafting tink/cairne, and went with tink. I have both now, but tink+faceless has won me a few games since the reset that would of been losses. I know tink/pagle aren't an option at the moment, but tink especially fills a gap that druids need.

To craft tink I dusted my syl while she was a full dust return. I don't regret it or miss her one bit in my druid/paladin decks. She really isn't a good fit in your deck either in the current meta. While she will still bate a silence/removal, you don't have say, Rag/Ysera, to come in and clean up after. Not saying you should dust her since you can't get the full refund, but you may look to replace her too.

I use a tracker program we aren't allowed to link here, but here are my stats as to why I dusted sylv and replaced her:

Druid games: 87
Syl drops: 11
Minions stolen: 2 (flame imp and a tazdingo)

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Thanks for the tips!

Just beat another druid... faceless to the rescue hehe, one of my new favourite cards.

This is my deck as of right now, after changing a few things around, I am off for the night but decided to post it in case anyone has any input of how I can improve it more. only wish I had access to Pagle or tinker but cannot get them atm but will be rushing Pagle me thinks.

X 2 Innervate
X 2 Wrath
X 2 Ancient Watcher
Bloodmage Thanos
X 2 Sunfury Protector
X 1 Healing Touch
X 2 Earthen Ring Farseer
X 2 Harvest Golem
X 2 Swipe
X 2 Defender of Argus
X 2 Keeper of the Grove
X 1 Starfall
X 2 Druid of the claw
X 1 Faceless Manipulator
Cairne Bloodhoof
Sylvanas Windrunner
The Black Knight
X 2 Ancient of lore

Yet to add nourish. Only had 3 games with this deck before bed and no real test I know but my early game feels so much stronger and feel I am making it to mid/late in a much better state.

Love the faceless, last match was verse another druid he had Ysera copied and silenced (thanks faceless), won me the game, along with a few heals at that stage we both pretty much healed up to full but I had the card adv due to the massive taunts the watchers provided.
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