Best first Legendary?

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Hey guys, I'm recently new to the beta.

When I finally get my 1600 points, what's the first legendary I should get?

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The obvious choices are often Ragnaros or Ysera because both are easier win conditions. Ragnaros is often the first legendary to be crafted because its just raw power and fits in any deck. However, Tinkmaster, Pagle, and Thalnos are really versatile and can be game changers.
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Rag or Ysera for late game finishers.

Tinkmaster is just great for removing pesky high drops or legendaries.

Sylvanas and Cairne bloodhoof are just great value cards.

Thalnos is a better novice engineer

Leeroy is a great finisher for rush and midrange decks.

Personally if your starting id choose Rag or tink. Rags a great threat but tinkmaster goes a long way if you like the extra removal.
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I'm getting close to 1600 dust, and I think my first crafted legendary will be Ragnaros.. Ysera's a close one too, and I'm honestly not sure which of them I want (both eventually), but Ragnaros has the nice 'deal with me now and also let me do some damage first' effect.
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I find myself putting Ysera into more decks than Ragnaros. The 12 health seems harder for opponents to deal with, so she's a lot easier to protect and keep alive for multiple turns. There's also little more fun than an opponent running 3 creatures into it, leaving her at 2 HP, then using Dream to bring her back up and recast her next turn.

I've had some pretty good YOLO Rags, but Ysera gets more predictable results for me.
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They're both very good first Legendaries. Personally, I faced the same tough decision, but started off with Ragnaros simply because it can fit in any deck, as has been said.
Ysera, however, is of immense power in Priest decks (and others aswell) and should definitely follow closely on your priority list.

After those two, I think it comes to another hard decision: Cairne Bloodhoof or Nat Pagle. They both fit in a wide variety of decks and are very nice on their own.
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After Ragnaros and Tink, Cairne is a must have. Even more than Ysera I think.

Most of the time, because of the actual Meta you even don't have time to play Ysera, Cairne can be played anytime.

Then you can take Ysera, and then after Nat I think.

Thalnos should be the last one.
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IMO, a solid deck with commons/rares/epics is stronger than a deck with one legendary and nothing else.

If you already have a good set of cards. Feel free to craft a legend
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I would go with rag. He is guaranteed damage plus he is only 8 mana, therefore you can throw out a heal on the same turn. Ysera being 9 mana, means that she will be your only play on that turn.
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Yep, looking around a bit, I also think Ysera's 9th turn drop may be too excessive to use practically.

But since it's a priest deck, our late game should be better than the rest, right?
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As someone who crafted Ysera as his first legendary, I think you should go ahead and get Ragnaros first. The reason is because while Ysera is harder to remove and is definitely a stronger creature, she has a very little starting board presence so you need other Legends in the deck first to clear out the opponent minions and tank the silence/removal spells. Ysera is best used as the "last boss" or ultimate finisher after you have someone like Cairn or Rag be the sacrificial lamb, you put down Cairn, it gets damaged and executed, and then you put down Ysera at turn 9 and bury the opponent with 7/6 dragons and whatnot.

I mean, you put down Ysera, get a sap and then it gets assassinated or whatever. On the other hand, if you have Rag first it gets to deal 8 damage first before it dies, so at least it will be a 2-for-1 in your favor.

In other decks like Pally this isn't an issue since you have beefy creatures but for Priest we don't have high threat-level cards, this means opponents can save their one-shot removal spells for Ysera so IMHO unless you already have another strong legend in the deck get Rag first, he'll get you cheap wins. Priest deck is already slow, Rag complements it as a burst creature more than Ysera who is also slow and might need 3+ turns to seal the deal.
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I'm going to go against the grain here and say Cairne. Priest is all about keeping board presence and healing their minions, and Cairne allows you to do just that. It also comes out earlier than Rag or Ysera and that's rather important due to Priest's good late game.
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Thalnos is the last thing you should make out of the "standard use legendaries." 1600 dust for a spell power that won't really help you and a free card. Could just use Loot Hoarders instead and get 1 more damage out of it.

Cairne is good, 4 power screws us over heh. I made Velen, he dies a lot but can pull off clutch things sometimes.

I have to say though I don't know why people say we have a good "late game." Are people just basing this on MC or what? Priests don't have anything great late game class wise, we can heal minions I guess but is that what we're talking about?
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02/05/2014 09:05 AMPosted by Dreadspectre
I have to say though I don't know why people say we have a good "late game." Are people just basing this on MC or what? Priests don't have anything great late game class wise, we can heal minions I guess but is that what we're talking about?

Priest has a lot of ways to get big advantage late game.

Cabal Shadow Priest - use it to steal something and it's a +2 (+1 for you, -1 for your opponent)
Mind Control - Same as Cabal Shadow Priest.

These two are the main advantage creators in Priest late game. Other than that you have a few cards that are nice for late game, but not noearly as extraordinary as these two.

Shadow Word: Death - I only use one, as with many priests, but it's a cheap late game card that can easily pop something off the field.
Holy Fire - Late game implies damage dealt aswell, not just the mana count. Bearing this in mind, Holy Fire goes for a nice late game card, since it can pop something up to 5 HP while giving you a bit of sustain. Other classes usually have only 141's at this point.

Also, Priest's Hero Power can be key in keeping that Legendary on the field for one more turn, which usually means a lot of advantage. While this is also true for early game, you will usually be very tight on mana for minions and spells and won't properly be able to use it.
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I think it has to do with the "decent" late game class cards. Kill any creature with 5 power or higher is pretty handy late game along with a well rounded 6/6 for 6 with a positive buff battle cry.

MC is always fun, but normally its easy to play around. Most experienced players don't play their kill condition, ie ragnaros without a way to kill it in case it gets MC'd
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IMO, Ysera, Ragnaros, Tinkmaster, Thalnos, Cairne, and Nat Pagle are the best neutral legendaries, with Sylvanas (the nerf hurt her - 6 for a 5/5 is much more situational then she was before), Black Knight, Leeroy Jenkins, and Hogger following closely behind. There are some awesome class specific ones as well, but I would craft Nat, Tinkmaster, or Thalnos first as they can be played in and help pretty much any deck. I don't know what class you play, but Lord Jarraxus (Warlock), King Krush (Hunter), and my personal favorite class specific, Tirion Fordring ( Paladin). The value is strong with Tirion. I crafted Nat Pagle first, if you're curious.
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i would go with tirion fordring for paladin 6/6, divine shield, taunt and on death equip 5/3 ashbringer.
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I would probably still go with the same choices I did when I started crafting my legendaries; ysera and into ragnaros. They are really good late game finishers and work well in a lot of decks, including control priest.

From there to thalnos, pagle, tinkmaster, and cairne.

Thalnos synergizes well with out spells, like holy nova and smite. Pagle obviously for card drawing and tinkmaster as extra removal (especially nice against tirion and other cards with annoying deathrattle effects).

Cairne is basically a glorified harvest golem and gives immense value.

You can, of course, change the order but I would not bother with pagle and tink before ysera and rag; the reason being you already have descent removal and you can substitutes pagle with other card draw mechanics.
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I have Ysera and Tinkmaster, by sheer luck, and I have to say that Tinkmaster is far more important in most of my decks. Ysera is only good for really late game control decks, and against aggro, which would probably account for about half of your match ups, she's pretty much a dead card. Since there's already Mind Control, I personally don't think she's all that great.
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I think it goes something like:
Tier 1:
1. Ragnaros
2a. Ysera
2b. Tinkmaster

Rag is just awesome. Tink plays earlier and is good for removal, but Ysera will probably win you the game if you play it around turn 10 and it lasts 2-3 turns.

Beyond that, if you're main Priest, I'd look into Velen, Cairne, and Sylvanas.

Sylvanas seems underrepresented in the thread, so let me say that she can be a lot of fun. At 6 cost for a 5-5, her stats are good but not world beater, but her deathrattle gives people fits. If you play her and your opponent doesn't have a silence on hand, they have to play around her completely.

She synergizes "well" (I use that term somewhat loosely) with Priest card stealing. If you can get 2 Faceless manipulators, 2 MCs, and Sylvanas in a deck, you can pretty much take control of their best monsters in late game. She can also be good for allowing you to take 1 MC out of your deck and make the mana curve a little better with slightly less likelihood of getting a dead card early in the game.
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