Best first Legendary?

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Cairne / Ragnaros / Black Knight (I don't even get how only 1 person mentionned him).

I'd recommend Cairne over the 2 others though (unless you want a lategame finisher).

Don't craft Ysera first, she only fits pure control decks, but to play control decks you will need much more legendaries. People who recommend her have no idea how useless she can be since she makes you "skip" a turn.

Once you have your core legendaries (basically the 3 I mentionned early, + sylvanas maybe), get the versatile ones, Tinkmaster then Thalnos or Nat depending on your needs (Nat for Priest, Thalnos is quite useless in priest decks).

Oh and get a faceless manipulator, it's kind of a 400 dust legendary.
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been playing for a while and feel vindicated in my choices from this thread haha

I have crafted - pagle, rag and thalanos - all great legendaries, thalanos i actually use the least.

also agree about tinkmaster and rag being great choices.
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Thalnos just seems really meh to me. He dies to a stiff breeze, and you can't play him early game, since you need to combo him with spells. Cheap minions that you can't play early always bug me because in the 50% of games I draw them on turn 3 or earlier, I feel compelled to play them, especially if there's nothing else in my hand I can toss out.

I feel like I'd rather just put in a loot hoarder, who doesn't have the spell damage, but I can play early and expect him to trade "ok" with some 2 drops.

And I want a Rag so bad right now. Seriously, about 20% of my losses, if not more, involve someone dropping Ragnaros. He's so darn potent, and just completely turns close games around if I don't immediately have the cards to counter him in hand.
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I've been playing with Ragnaros, Ysera and Sylvanas for a while now.

I can honestly say that Rag wins matches... and almost every single time.

Ysera starts changing the game 2 turns later, and by that time if you don't already have board control, you're probably going to die anyway.

Sylvanas is a lot more meh than I thought before I bought her. Maybe I havn't learned how to use her properly, but the deathrattle is sometimes really hard to benefit from. 5/5 is always nice though.

My definite next purchase is Pagle. But I would like your thought on comparing Pagle to Loot Hoarder early game.
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I'd definitely go for Rag/Ysera

Sylvanas/Bloodmage/Pagle are all solid all-rounders but you won't totally miss them and they can be replaced with cheaper alternatives. Rag/Ysera, however, will totally change the pace of your deck and none of the other options for late game finishers even compare to their power.
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Want to have a laugh?

Since I started playing HS, I got 3 legends from packs :
- Harrison Jones
- Harrison Jones again (no kidding)
- the Black Knight

Not sure how it could have been worse. To be honest, the Black Knight is a decent card. I have found it to be quite playable.

Harrison Jones, well... Nobody ever mentioned it in this thread for a reason!
Yes, you can dream of dropping it on an Assassin's Blade or a Doomhammer but it simply never happens. It's still a fun card, don't get me wrong. But I would have preferred almost any other legend over that one. Twice.
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Sylvanas has an interesting synergy with shadow word death. You can instant kill your own Sylvanas on the turn you play her, to steal the one big minion from your opponent.
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I would say craft Tinkmaster and Pagle first. As a priest player, I currently run 3 legendaries in my deck currently: Tink, Pagle, and Black Knight. Over the last 4 days I am 22-5 in rank play. Currently rank 8 but was a legend last season playing Priest.

Rag and Ysera can be pretty good but seem to slow in the current meta. I also don't run MC as well.
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Pagle was my first CRAFTED legendary. But after the nerf, forget him. Some argue that the nerf is not that big a deal, but let me put it into perspective.

OLD Pagle, you get a chance to draw a card at the end of the turn you summon it. Therefore 1 chance to get a card before the opponent has any chance to remove it. SOLID. And you have to look further, that is to the end of your NEXT turn. If opponent doesn't have the means to remove it, at the end of your next turn, and may luck be with you Pagle draws again - YOU GET 2 CARDS from Pagle. SOLID.

NEW Pagle, you only get to draw on your next turn. Which means opponent has a chance to remove it before you get any CHANCE of a card draw. BAD.
Even you get lucky, you get 1 CARD from Pagle come the end of your turn after you summoned him (as compared to a possibility of 2 CARDS). BAD.

The nerf is HUGE. Forget Pagle. Not to say he's worthless. But there are others better to craft. Rag or Ysera I suppose.
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As everyone has said rag then ysera. This game is pretty simple.
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I just pulled my 5th legend, it was a tink. I disenchanted and finished my giants, now I have 2 of each. Was this a wise decision? I have Alex and onyxia already and I run a mage build.
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Cairne or Leeroy.
Leeroy for Aggro decks.
Cairne for every other deck lol :D
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I want to get king krush but is he good compared to the other legendaries?
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I'm confused with what I'm reading here. Why is everybody saying Tinkmaster Overspark? Why are they calling him removal? You can't even choose for it to be your opponent's minion, let alone which one.

I love my Nat, but he's a lightning rod. Very often killed before he can replace himself.

I love my Ysera. Was even lucky to get a gold one out of a pack after I already had her. Yes, she's a game changer. However (and I'm not that great of a player yet) I've noticed that most games I get to play her, it's either too little too late or my victory didn't require her. I will say that if you have her, play her as soon as you can afford to do so without her getting killed by creatures right away. Had a game where an opponent got his off first and used Dream to unsummon mine.

I was thinking of getting Sylvanas next, but this thread has me thinking that maybe Cairne would be better.

Though I will say that despite being class-specific, Jaraxxus is one of the best cards in the game.
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For priest, Rag is never bad, Ysera is free cards as long as she lives, and personally I like Alextra in my priest deck. Since priests can stall a game forever but might have trouble hitting the enemy champion being able to instantly halve their health has secured a lot of wins for me.

If you like to MC and made 2 for 1 trades with mind control like me, sylvanas would work too. A 5/5 that MCs for free, not bad. Tinkmaster might still be good, priests tend to not flood the board with their own minions and the 1/1 squirrel or 5/5 dinosaur is actually easier for priests to deal with then the metric ton of 4 damage minions people use.

Priests dont really have enough damage spells to make thalnos really worth it and leeroy while good in other decks dosn't do much for priests.
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03/27/2014 10:28 PMPosted by Dushku
I'm confused with what I'm reading here. Why is everybody saying Tinkmaster Overspark? Why are they calling him removal? You can't even choose for it to be your opponent's minion, let alone which one.

It is because priests use few minions and have a giant gaping gap in their removal with the number 4. Tons of creatures, the most common and best creatures in fact, use 4 damage. So Tinkmaster has a much better chance of being useful since

A) you wont have many minions on the board as a priest
B) you turn them into a squirrel which is a 1/1 that gets counters by tinkmaster or anything
C) you get a 5/5 which is vulnerable to shadow word death and maybe worth a MC or faceless which is useful if you hit an obnoxious yeti/auctioneer/crusader/korkron/cabal priest/spellbreaker/ysera or any other of the 4 damage minions we cant kill otherwise.
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I don't own Tinkmaster so I can't say whether or not to craft him first, however of the legends I do own I'd say that Cairne and Rag are tied for the lead.. I also have Sylvanas and Malygos (all of these being neutral class).

I just feel like Cairne and Rag are the most beneficial of my neutrals. Cairne is probably more practical given the lower mana cost and versatility, but Rag is just a blast to play and can be that finisher in your deck if it's needed.

Sylvanas can be very good, but a lot of the time I find that my opponent counters her hard. It changes the flow of the game, like having them clear the board to kill her, but at the same time its also frequent that they just bypass attacking her and I end up taking more damage.

Malygos is super fun when you can use her (I have a warlock deck with her in it, turn 9 I play Malygos with 2 soulfire in hand and it's 18 damage right to their face) but in a lot of situations you play it only to see it be destroyed before doing anything useful... hex, polymorph, and silence suck.

As for class legendaries, if you play warlock, Jaraxxus is a beast. Just earlier today I came back being down to 1 health, my enemy at 28, to win the game because he exhausted his hand trying to finish me hoping I didn't have Jaraxxus. Sadly for him, that was not the case. =D

TLDR-- Pick Cairne for practical uses and Rag for finishing ( or for fun ).
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03/27/2014 10:28 PMPosted by Dushku
I'm confused with what I'm reading here. Why is everybody saying Tinkmaster Overspark? Why are they calling him removal? You can't even choose for it to be your opponent's minion, let alone which one.

Watch the date.. the people recommened Tinkmaster before 3/10 - the day Tinkmaster and Pagle got nerfed. Before the nerf you were able to choose the target with Tinkmaster. So whatever you do
DO NOT craft Tinkmaster Overspark or Nat Pagle.

btt. Ragnaros is the best choice imo.. at least you can kill him if your opponent uses Mind Control or Faceless Manipulator on him.
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Cairne would be my choice since BGHs are a plague upon all rags everywhere. Besides Cairne's value is astronomical. It'll Either eat at least 2 creature, 2 removals, a removal and a silence or best of all a hard removal like hex or sheep. Any of those set your opponent behind a lot of mana/cards.

If I'm honest though (and if I remember right) My first legend that I crafted was rag. He's just so cool :P

I didn't get Ysera till way later and even now I pretty much only play her in my P2W warr, priest and late game druid. Ysera ends up as a kinda win more card alot of the time unless you're playing a very equal game in which case she might push things in your favor. If you're behind though and use your entire turn to plop her down, chances are you're dead anyway.

So I'd say
1- Cairne
2- Rag
3- Ysera

Unless you play agro in which case Captain greenskin all the way.
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You are all wrong. LOL. Deathwing is definetly the best legendary in game. It has 12 health like your pathethic 9 mana-4 dmg Ysera and survives to that super useless Ragnaros in case your opponent summons it. It may be added that Ragnaros is even more useless against aggresive decks with 4-6 minions on board.
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