Noob here, looking for advice.

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Hey all I'm fairly new to hearthstone and I've just collected a decent amount of cards to where I can put some serious work into the crafting mode. I'm looking for advice on:
1. Building my deck.
2. Disenchanting sub-optimal cards.
3. Crafting some great cards.

I main Druid but now that I have the majority of class cards unlocked and a few legendaries, I'm dipping into other classes as well. What I'm getting at is I want to improve my Druid, but not at the expense of throttling other classes, so I want to disenchant cards that are pretty much sub optimal choices across all (or most) classes, and I'd like to craft cards that fit in well with the Druid primarily, but are also good for other classes.

My deck:
Ancient Watcher
Kobold Geomancer (looking at getting a bloodmage here)
Harvest Golem
Chillwind Yeti
Defender of Argus
Keeper of the Grove
Azure Drake
Druid of the Claw
Iron Bark Protector (thinking of Ancients of Lore here)
All are 2x except Rag and Ysera.
I'm tempted to put some Ironbeaks or Sunfury Protectors in here to help get the Ancient Watchers involved earlier, or to swap the Ancient Watchers for Earthenring Farsees.

I have 1800 dust right now and a bunch of extra golden commons and rares. I'd imagine I should probably disenchant those because I'd rather improve my deck than have prettier cards.

These are some other cards I've stumbled upon that could possibly be added or disenchanted.
The Beast
Golden King Murkla (worth 1600 dust, curious if its worth keeping or not)
Prophet Velen (priest legendary)
Milhouse Manastorm
Harrison Jones

Big Game Hunter
2x Molten Giant (might want to keep these for warrior/warlock decks)
Bestial Wrath
Gladiators Longbow
2x Spellbender
2x Faceless Manipulator

I know it is quite a bit to get through but any and all advice is appreciated.
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I would drop Ysera tbh in favour for Cairne. 8/10 times you will be already dead by the time Ysera becomes really good or you have already snowballed so hard that having any other legendary would've won you the game anyways. Also add a Force of Nature + savage roar. That combo at 9 crystals is insane. Assuming you got 0 minion on field and enemy has no taunt then that alone is 14 dmg. Add 2 units and you are easily crossing the 20 dmg. In fact, I toke a pal down earlier today by using that exact combo and he had 25 hp haha. Also, ye definitely get 2x lore over bark.
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OK i ll try highlight some of the great things you can craft for your deck:
Get those lores..they can just rename the card to Value of Lore !
As the dude above me told you Cairne is really solid 2 in 1 card.
Tinkmaster is a must for a druid decks...probably highest priority card to get.
Ysera is ok but its really really slow card that eats your whole turn and does nothing(it does but it ll not help you same turn you played it). Cards you draw are good but RNG is a big factor.Its a win more card and can matters only in super late game deck vs super late game deck and those games are rare.
If you are about to drop Ysera replace it with Cenarius.

King Mukla has some limited use for a druid should try it for and see if u like it.You can as well just d/e it for something way more useful and less situational .
Harrison Jones you can just put it in your deck now...there are more then enough weapons to break in current meta plus it can be a game ending move vs high durability weapons.My advice is dont d/e it.
Beast is screaming d/e me ...sadly -.-
Keep Milhouse Manastorm in case they change it and d/e for full value cuz this card is just terribad ;D
Also you can d/e both spellbinders and 1 faceless(its insane running 2 faceless not cuz they are bad...but cuz of the fact that you need some minions in a 1st place before coping it )

Also play that druid deck to get a feeling for it...there is no need to copy cat others deck ...see what works for your playstyle.
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