Ok so i was always building decks that everyone else ended up building, so i wanted to create a deck that very few people would too (don't know if that is the case).

So i created a warrior deck based on getting to endgame and then throwing at the board everything you have best.

After i made it, i thought it was a pretty strange deck but i went for it, and for my surprise, i've been having very good success with it.

Please notice that i don't have every card so many things you think can be improved i probably know, but dont have the arcane dust for it. BUT TELL IT ANYWAY =)!

x2 Execute
x1 Shield Slam
x2 Whirlwind
x2 Cleave
x2 Heroic Strike
x1 Slam
x2 Acidic Swamp Ooze
x1 Doomsayer
x2 Shield Block
x1 Mind Control Tech
x2 Wolfrider
x2 Kor'kron Elite
x1 Twilight Drake
x2 Arcanite Reaper
x1 Brawl
x1 Stranglethorn Tiger
x1 Venture Co. Mercenary
x2 Argent Commander
x1 Sylvanas Windrunner
x1 Ravenholdt Assassin

Ok so the idea is to destroy everything your opponent throws at the board in the early game (by whirlwind, cleave, slam, heroic strike etc), while also armoring up (with hero power + shield block). If somehow your opponnent manages to put more creatures than you can handle in the beggining, that's why you put 1 brawl and 1 doomsayer in the deck to do the massive cleaning job. Depending on your hand, sometimes its even better to not deal with your opponents minions and keep armoring up so your brawl gets more value.
Your playstyle at the beggining will be based on your oppening hand. If it consists of:
Control+shield block- The usual. Kill things and armor up. Wait for the big ones.
Control+creatures- Kill things and on turn 4 already start thinking about throwing some creatures.
Just control- Control is priority. Kill things and if you can't, armor up.
Shield block+ creatures- Use the shield block as soon as possible and armor up until you can play your creatures.
Just creatures- Probably the hardest (but the more unusual) situation, since your creatures are mostly 4+ mana. Armor up like crazy and play your creatures as soon as possible.

On turn 5 (and even 4 if hand is really good) you will be starting to get massive CONTROL over what happens in the game. You know what you can kill right away with your charges, what your opponent WILL have to deal with if you play etc.
Now its your time to totally destroy your opponent with the big creatures. You will be amazed how fast you can take the opponents life away.
I've been winning most of the games with this deck, some because the opponent doesnt know to play against this deck style, but a lot just because the strategy is much better than the opponent's.

Some specific observations about some cards on this deck:
1- Dont be afraid of killing things with Slam.
2- The Doomsayer wont be a miracle card. Dont expect to play it on turn 5 and kill 4 creatures next turn. If the opponent has more than 2 creatures on turn 3 and you cant deal with any of them dont be afraid of playing it.
3- Not sure about Mind Control Tech. If he has 4 or more creatures right at the beggining, you are prabably gonna get a 1/2 or something like that. If he has 4 or more big creatures at the endgame, your screwed anyway.
4-There is probably something better than Wolfrider. But i like the charge.
5- I kinda like Twilight Drake. Your gonna be holding some things on your hand like a big creature, some control card its not worth to play now, so you will probably always have more than 3 cards.
6- I would suggest you to ALWAYS hit face with arcanite reaper unless you dont have creatures on your hand and your opponent has a 4~5 life creature on board.
7- Not sure about Venture.Co. Its great if you are in trouble early, but on late endgame it will just stop you from controling the board with lots of big creatures.
8- Also not sure about Sylvanas. It envolves some RNG that i dont like, and with this deck when you play a 6 mana creature you want to get some work done with it immediately.

You guys can see that i have a lot of doubts, so try it out yourself and please give some tips, advice, and feedback on this deck that i'm really liking.
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