Shamans Really?

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I don't seem to have trouble with other classes. Sure there are some difficult matches; good Warrior decks for example come down to the wire and I've been fortunate to win more than I've lost. But, Shamans I don't know what it is but I get my taint handed to me every time by them. Am I alone in this, and if so how do you take them out.?

Keep in mind that I haven't played a Shaman with the list. I made a few modifications I took out Starfire for Ancient of War, Jungle Panther for Youthful Brewmaster, and Nourish for Savage Roar.

Faerie Dragon
Youthful Brewmaster
Keeper of the Grove
Druid of the Claw
Ancient of Lore
Ancient of War

Mark of the Wild
Savage Roar
Force of Nature

Thanks for any advice.

Edit: 2X on everything but Cenarius and Ysera.
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You really have too much spells for it to be viable against a lot of popular setups, and by extension against Shamans as well. Shamans are a tricky bunch. They have extremely powerfull units for a low cost, but they have one major weakness, which is overload. So far it works best for me is to keep map control at all times.

Force them to use spells/units that cost overload. In essence everytime they use an overload ability they will be weakened the next turn. Keep at all time their minion count low on the field else you're screwed. Be also prepared for his options when you got map control. For instance if you got too many units you can expect a lightning storm coming. If you got too few units prepare units he'll use spirit hounds/earth elemental. Make sure you have a follow up at all times. It's a bit RNG related like all cases, but the major weakness I see in your deck is as follows:

A) you have an extremely weak early game
B) you have a fairly weak midgame
C) any proper deck will maintain map control over you and a few high cards won't turn matters in your favour
D) too many spells. You get rid of one of their units and then? Proper decks will just replenish or see it coming

Hope this helped a bit.
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The main reason why I have trouble with them is Druid's hero power has the hardest time dealing with Shaman's hero power in terms of trade (it's a 2 for 1 trade for the 2 Health Totems and Healing Totem just nullifies the attack altogether).

Anyway, I'd remove the 2x Savage Roar and add maybe Amani Berserker and/or some other 2-3 mana 2/3 minion of your choice.

... map control...

Do you play SC2, too? :>
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Shamans are hard match up but if u play it smart i would say 45/55 or even 50/50. But you really need to play smart and never give them a huge value for there very cheap board clear spells :)
So shaman have 2 baseline silence(like druids) but then you have tons of spells that can easly get double buffed with azure drake+totem. There strong AoE can be really strong 4-5dmg all for 3 mana is brutal and hard to recover .
So we have Fire Elemantal ,Wolfs, Storm,Hex,Lighting bold + forked lighting +Storm +crazy rockbiter +windfury combos many things to dodge that can give em huge momentum yea hard match up .
But dont forget Swipe+Starfall works same way for them ...sometimes is better to play dead only so you can get a huge value AoE clear ! ;)
Lil Advice : try as hard as possible to bait out 2x hex/earth shock ....after that game is much easier and in your favor for sure ! ;D
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Awfully late game oriented deck. I'd imagine you have difficulties with aggro pallies/warlocks and hunters.

I'm a bit confused by the youthful brewmaster in this scenario. its a great card but you don't really seem to have a particularly deadly partner for him. i think this deck would fair much better all around if you gave up some of the late power and popped a pair of defender of argus along with something else strong in the mid game (harvest golems, yeti's)
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02/02/2014 10:40 AMPosted by starblade876

... map control...

Do you play SC2, too? :>

Yes, though the definition of "map control" is applicable to a lot of games. Not solely RTS.
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Awfully late game oriented deck. I'd imagine you have difficulties with aggro pallies/warlocks and hunters.

Surprisingly I don't thats partially why I was confused by losing horribly to Shamans. I get it now Pallies, Locks, and Hunters I can string along and pummel them as the game progresses. Shamans have a never ending supply of Totems which already works as permanent card advantage in their favor and in my quest to deal with them I end up surrendering more of an advantage. And because I play a more spell biased deck I get rocked by a ton of buffed weak creatures.

I'm a bit confused by the youthful brewmaster in this scenario. its a great card but you don't really seem to have a particularly deadly partner for him.

I use him in conjunction with DotC to heal them or to reactivate the Keepers battle cry. It also allows me to switch focus late game. If I need to switch to attack I can return the AoW and then return him in attack mode. If I need life or cards return the AoL.

Okay things to think about. Thanks for the advice.
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