Sharing is caring or my druid deck for S.3

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Deck list with some comments about cards :

Claw- one claw is all that you need for a good early game,wrath is the better removal card.
Wrath x2 - always try to use at least one for card draw ...but dont be afraid to use both for 3dmg in your are in trouble.
Acidic Swamp Ooze- Its great having 2 of those for the current meta..but then again some classes they are useless . If you have Harrison Jones(sadly i d/e mine) you should srsly consider adding it to your deck .
Bloodmage Thalnos - A zero downside running in your deck and sometimes turn 6-7+ can be amazing combined with swipe/starfall but even for a 2dmg wrath+card he is good. Avoid playing it on an empty board vs classes that can kill it with hero power.
Big Game Hunter - I think running one BGH is still a good option. I still can see some giants here and there and those 8/8 can finish the game really fast if you cant deal with them.Also makes Rag playable vs priest !
Earthen Ring Farseer x2- A Great card for the current meta and not only.Many diff ways to use it.Two of those +2 Lore basically mean you ll not die to anything but the hyper agro locks decks.
Harvest Golem x2 no need to comment here i guess .
Savage Roar x2 One Roar actually is enough but since there are times when all i need is 1 roar to kill my opponent i pref to have 2 for a better chance having it when i need it .
Tinkmaster Overspark A must card for a druid that lack hard removal .
Swipe x2 - A must
Defender of Argus -Good way to deal with agro decks . Dont use it on a single small minion unless you are in very big trouble. Its kinda a late game card cuz druid rarely can keep 2 minions on the board early turns
Keeper of the Grove x2 - A must card for any druid deck.
Leeroy Jenkins Look at this card as a cheap 6 dmg for 4 mana. There is close to 0 downsides playing it even if u cant kill 2x whelps(but u can with hero power and 4 aoe spells most of the time)
Starfall x2 This card is too good not to take two. Synergyze well with failed Tinkmaster ;-)
Druid of the Claw x2 - no comment ;D
Force of Nature Works like a charm with savager roar or even without it. Has great Synergyze with the 2 golems and Cairne.
Cairne Bloodhoof - The new Sylvanas. Can be a real pain in the !@# to remove. Amazing target for double Argus on next turn.
Ancient of Lore x2 - just a little note about lores ...dont be afraid to use both for heals :)
Ancient of War - High risk , high reward card to play. Can be very deadly when enemy runs out of option how to deal with big minions
Ragnaros the Firelord your late game cards
Cenarius that some haters like to call p2w ;D i just giggle

This deck is build to be good vs anything not just the flavor of the month class/deck.You have all the tool you need to deal with anything even hyper agro locks are beatable if u draw the proper cards. You have enough taunts, more then enough chargers, a good amount of removal spells and very high value minions why dont you go test it and tell me what you think guys !

Cheers ~~
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No innervate at all?
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Nope mate never used it and never ll...for me its a gimmick and overrated card(like nat pagle:), great to have it early one and usually terrible late game draw...this is how i roll no innervates and i am doing pretty well :P

Innervating something big early on is nice but its not need to have a good fallow up for a full effect and this is very hard when you already used almost all your cards the previous turn .
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Proto I have a similar deck which merged some elements of aggro with control. I also play with 2 savage roars but I have elected to keep the innervates. I do not run Ancient of War and only run 1 Farseer. I also have 1 Arcane Golem in the deck for that needed push for damage if I need to. Also late game it acts as a removal spell so I can Arcane and take out a 4/4 and still play my AoL. Finally I am playing with Harrison Jones instead of ooze since I run the innervates its nice to put a big body out while not having to under drop that turn to get rid of the weapon.

Overall its a fun deck to play but I havn't really tried it out for rank climbing. Thanks for your card list as usual so I can try it out.

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Do they call Cenarius ''pay to win'' or did you mean ''win more''?

Pretty cool deck. Would it work without Cenarius? I love druid so much but dont think i can invest in a class legendary this early in my collecting. Im still missing thalnos Sylvanis black knight pagle... which i could use in multiple other decks so meh...
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Ofc it ll work without Cenarius(replace it with 1 Argent commander for example). I play only druid but even i crafted him as my 9th or 10th legendary.
The real power for Cenarius is when you can give a 3-4 minions 2/2(like permanent savage roar) but this is very hard to achieve and 2/2 trees with taunt are kinda a meh ;D
Call me mad but i am very srsly considering adding Deathwing to my deck as my last card to play or for those oh shiit moments when nothing else can save you (like 3 giants on the board etc). It can works amazing vs other control decks i think.

p.s. i removed Ancient of War much of a risk and replaced it with the good old Black knight ;D
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