Savagery --- I have never seen this played...

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So I have like 7 copies of this card, its crazy how often I get this.

I watch streams and play often. I have never seen this card played yet (Since I entered beta in december).

Why would you get this card when druid have swipe?

I guess it's like a blade furry.

Is it that crappy? I know it got modifed twice so far.
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Seems it's not that useful in the current meta, from what I'm gathering. I wouldn't say it's a bad card though. It's just it's a combo card, meaning you have to combo it with something else that gives your hero an attack. That means it's at least +1 more mana for claw, 2 for hero power, or 4 for bite which is what it really works best with.
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It's not like blade furry at all. You must be reading a version before it was nerfed.

See before septemeber, that card was and AOE spell based on your damage. So you can use Bite, and or claw get to 4 - 6 attack and then aoe the board. This, along with swipe, and star fall (which was also targetable to the hero) made the druid OP.

So they nerfed the card. Now, this lets you basically have direct spell damage at the cost of your attack value.

SO you can Bite and savergy another target. It's not bad, but it requires you to have claw and or bite to be useful. Otherwise you are only getting one damage from your hero power.
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I actually had a druid use it against me in Casual. I was surprised. First time I've seen in it months.
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I Run 1 Savagery in my druid deck. It actually works way better that I expected.

I opened a few packs last week and got 2 copies of it, I thought it was complete trash but I had to complete the small minions daily quest and I deleted my Lock rush deck so I thought I'd give it a try and built a druid rush deck. Cheap removal aye?

After testing it in a few games I realised how good it is when using said card with Bite.4-5 damage for 1 mana is really good, but the best part is unlike Claw/Bite you don't have to take damage to kill a minion.

Then I decided to put 1 copy into my Druid control deck to give it a try. I swapped Healing Touch for 1 more Bite. It works amazing. For 5 mana, I can take out any 8/8 if I have both Bite and Savagery in hand. Not a bad option at all for dealing with all those 8/8s, if I couldn't find my BGH/Overspark etc, especially for a class that does not have hard removal (aside from the really bad Naturalize). And that's just the worst case scenario. Usually I use it only when Gadgetzen Auctioneer is in play, it's not uncommon to pull out Innervate+Claw/Bite+Savagery between turns 5-8. And yes that works really well.
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savagery is in a bad spot atm, making it able to target hero will make it OP but atm its just straight up bad
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