What are some core cards for most decks?

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Hi, i'm a relatively new player to Hearthstone, and my favorite class to play is Druid. However, i've just been using Kripp's basic druid deck, and i'm looking to use a stronger deck, hopefully with some legendaries. I've got 5 legendaries so far, Ragnaros, Tinkmaster, Black Knight, Ysera and Hogger.

I've looked around on the forums and I know that Ancient of Lore and Ancient of War are must-haves. but i've only got 1 Ancient of Lore so far. I'm trying to get more, of course.

So, what are some other cards that are must-haves or used for most decks? Also, some deck recommendations would be nice. :D

Thanks, i'd really appreciate any advice given.
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From what I know, Tinkmaster is pretty core in most druid decks because we lack a hex spell. Use it on big threats such that even giving them a 5/5 in place of the monster you're hexing will benefit you (Ragnaros/Ysera etc). Ragnaros and Ysera are excellent for your late game as a druid, you'll almost never go wrong with putting those in your deck. Black Knight is probably good if you have it too, assuming you sit on it until you come across a big taunt monster like Sunwalker or AoW.

As far as class cards go, 2 Ancient of Lores and 1 Ancient of War seems to be fairly standard. The Ancient of War isn't really necessary given the recent popularity of Black Knight, you should be fine with just cards like Ysera and Ragnaros for the late game. Commonly crafted druid cards include Wrath (early game removal, almost always use the 3 damage option), Keeper of the Grove (every druid deck has 2 of these), Starfall (Up to you if you want 1 or 2, but the flexibility offered by this card is excellent).

As far as basics go, including a claw or two in your deck is almost a must for early control purposes. Innvervate is optional, IMO it really only shines when you get it in your starting hand. The longer the game goes, the more it becomes a dead card. Druid of the claw is also a fairly core card in most decks, although the taunt option is almost always better unless you need a makeshift Argent Commander. Needless to say, Swipe is also core in almost every druid deck.
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Alright, thanks! I'll try to get those cards as soon as possible. What kind of minions should I be using in Druid decks? I know harvest golem is a must-have right now, but what else?
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Neutral minions which I feel are useful in a druid deck include

Ooze (optional if you feel weapons are an issue)
Faerie dragon
Loot hoarder/novice engineer
pyromancer (might not be necessary with swipe and starfall)
BGH (removal for Ragnaros/Ironbarks etc, might not be necessary if you have Tinkmaster)
Earthen Ring Farseer
Harvest golem
Shattered sun cleric
Defender of argus
Azure drake (I really like this card in Druid decks, spellpower +draw and a solid 4/4)
Argent commander
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