The Draw-you-to-death deck!

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Hey people!

I've been thinking up ways to combat the presence of giant-control decks, and then someone happened to use a deck that forcifully got me to draw untill I died while I was playing one of the said decks (Know thy enemy and all that), discarding 8 cards in the process. Molten giants, fireballs, pyroblasts and blizzards all went up in smoke thanks to the deck.

So here I present you the decklist, enjoy your new way to beat all the giants that run rampant.

Innervate x2
Moonfire x2
Claw x2
Hungry Crab (I had a spot left over, and you can always eat a coldlight oracle once you're done with them, feel free to replace with something else.)
Naturalize x2 (Note: this can be used on your own minions, and your opponent will still draw cards.)
Wrath x2
Bloodmage Thalnos (Substitute for a kobold geomance if you don't have him, you want the spellpower more than the carddraw, although getting both in one package is just gravy)
Youthful Brewmaster x2
Healing Touch x2
Coldlight Oracle x2 (Combine with brewmasters and innervate for even more carddraw/discard)
swipe x2
Keeper of the Grove x2
Nourish x2
Starfall x2
Starfire x2
Ancient of Lore x2

It plays like a control deck, but keep an eye on your opponents handsize as they draw their cards, if you get an opportunity to play coldlight oracles and brewmasters to make them discard their cards, then take it. Save the naturalizes for their inevitable big threats, and follow it up with coldlights and brewmasters if needed.

Meanwhile, make sure not to discard your own deck, part of what makes this deck effective is to fight with a deck consisting of 30 cards while your opponent is left with a deck that essentially has 20-24 cards.

And naturalize along with the coldlights also become damage dealers once your opponent reaches fatigue, so there's no loss if an opportunity hasn't presented itself.
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Might be interesting to try out at some point, even if it's not competitive. Still need to get those Ancients of Lore, though. :P
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In many other Card games, running out of cards is an instant lose.
I really hope mill decks could become a thing, even though I doubt it :P
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I have a similar deck. Funnily enough, along with 2x Naturalize, I want to run another card in the deck that people think is crappy, Nozdormu, as soon as I get one. I'm hoping they make another Legendary that will decrease the max hand size by 2-3 cards (and/or maybe a couple regular minions that subtract max hand size by 1).

I'm constantly counting my opponent's hand and looking at how many cards they have left. One time, my opponent had 8 cards and threw down a Bloodmage Thalnos while I had a Druid of the Claw, but I just Naturalized it and saw a Black Knight evaporate and then a Sylvanas Windrunner when he drew for his turn. It was glorious.
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You really want a king mukla in your deck too ! ;D
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02/02/2014 12:02 PMPosted by Prototype
You really want a king mukla in your deck too ! ;D

That's actually a great idea! Fills his hand with bananas and gives you quite a minion for him to tangle with while the coldlights make him discard cards :D
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This is an interesting concept. I played against a Rogue that did the same Coldlight Oracle nonsense.

That is, until he gave me 2 Inner Rage and 2 Rampage. I had 1 Worgen in play. Game ended by turn 5.
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02/02/2014 08:17 AMPosted by Bordeaux
In many other Card games, running out of cards is an instant lose.
I really hope mill decks could become a thing, even though I doubt it :P

Played against something like it -with a control hunter deck, and beat it quite badly (they didn't run mukla) but they coldlight bounced with youthful brew, and got 4 coldlight drops (8 cards forced) without managing to burn a single one of my cards. They also ran naturalize, but vs hunter giving them draws lets them draw into combo's

I even double tracking that game so I drew 6 and burnt 4 of them

the deck I ran is rare I feel for hunter (Runs 2 senj'jin's, 2 stranglehorn tigers, 2 highmanes, and 2 houndmasters) - where most hunters are straight aggro

the deck used big game hunter on me, I dropped a tiger and houndmastered it clearing a bear form druid of the claw, just to get big gamed the next turn.

I used freezing trap on another druid of the claw stalling them a turn, which hurt them badly. They silenced 1 highmane, just to have another one dropped the next turn.

It was an unfortunate game for them, I kept a healthy amount of cards to have answers (5-7) but not to get any burned. Didn't have a single card burnt all game outside my own 4 from double tracking

I won with 22 health left on a decent combo - I only had 1 card left (undrawn) they had 13 health, a druid of the claw and a azure drake out turn 9 - I had a highmane and eaglehorn bow

I dropped a knife juggler, 2 Unleash the hounds (getting 4 hounds) all 4 shots hit azure drake killing it off, and then I deadly shot the druid of the claw, swung with highmane for 6 damage, 4 hounds for 4 damage and swung with the bow for a 13 damage win turn 9 with only 1 card left to draw.

they ran healing touches as well, so if I didn't have big damage minions, I would have never been able to finish them off, and drawn to my death... but it didn't happen that way, maybe I was lucky, but I was smart enough to not play the UTH buzzard combo once I realized I was facing a mill deck.

I have also seen/heard of rogue decks doing mill style, using lorewalker cho, vanish, shadow step with leeroy, cold blood combo's with faceless, kidnapper, and sap to mill them, kripp did it a while back before rogue got nerfed down a bit

cool deck though! I like seeing outside the box ideas- One of the coolest decks I saw was a hunter weapons/pirates/beasts deck using captain greenskin to buff weapons, traps, pirates that get buffed by weapons, parrots [beasts] for card draw with buzzard] etc... really cool stuff out there, love seeing untraditional new style decks - even if it is a simple "mill" concept... it's not as big in hearthstone as it was MTG
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