Sustainability as a Warrior

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I find myself really digging Warrior, but here's my problem and it's a tad embarrassing:

I can't breech the Rank 19 barrier.

*Waits for the Trolls to finish heckling, get bored, and go back under their bridge*

I've resorted to shameless net decking and I'm not able to get to more then Three Star 19 before I encounter nonsense my deck just can't contend with.

Put simply, how do I build a "viable" Warrior deck? I see a lot of deck lists for aggressive nonsense, which does appeal, but I find if I lose control of the board I lose control of the game entirely with little means of bouncing back into the fray. I pretty much flat out lose completely to Murloc Rush or Hard Control decks, and against non-Murloc aggressive decks it tends to skew towards who does the most damage to whom the fastest. Against "Middle of the Road" type decks it's 50/50. I can overwhelm them, but if the draws don't go my way they'll pull ahead eventually.

I'm tired of bouncing around from class to class, and Warrior has some really fun cards (Frothing Beserker, Brawl, Gorehowl), but dang. I'm not getting far with it.
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From what I've personally seen, Warrior control is only viable if you have access to a good bit of legendaries.

Reynad's rush warrior has been doing fairly well, and he got to legendary rank by using a deck with no legendaries. You could search on youtube and watch him play it to see how you deal with certain situations.
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EDIT: I've added the Nightblades back in, as they really are the crux of the deck.

Right now my biggest problem beyond Murloc Rush (Which boils down to me killing the correct Murloc, which comes down to experience) are Druid Taunt nonsense. Ancients of War kill the momentum of this deck and make it pretty dang impossible to trade effectively. Debating about throwing in a Brawl or Execute (Brawl for the Aggro Nonsense reset and Execute to deal with those impossible taunts) but I honestly have zero idea what to remove that wouldn't hurt the deck overall.
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If Taunts are destroying you (which I think is the main weakness of warrior anyways), then consider investing dust into a Black Knight.

If that's completely out of the question, the executes could be a good substitute. Do you have a deck list?
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My decklist is a complete mirror of the TryHarder deck (Though I call it "Wreckingball"). And yeah, Druid Taunt Nonsense just completely shuts me down. Not that I really mind all that much (Shouldn't be strong against everything), but just results in really bad trades that gets me to effectively kill myself.

I'm frustrated right now because I had the dust for Black Knight, but I crafted a Grommash Hellscream instead, following other deck guides before I found TryHarder. Grom pretty much exhausted my Dust.

I'm going to remove an Argent Squire for an Execute to at least give me SOMETHING.

EDIT: Update - So I dusted some single Epics, all my neutral gold cards (Violet Teacher was the hardest to part with, even though I don't play her), and Baron Geddon and got enough Dust to craft a Black Knight. Put the Argent Squire back in, and took a Argent Commander out. We'll see how this does.

EDIT EDIT: Cheese and Crackers, this deck is getting potent now that I'm learning how to play it. Pumping out insane amounts of damage in a single turn. Heroic Strike - a card I'd always passed on previously - is a game changer.

Went from Rank 19 to 17 this morning with only three losses - one to a Warlock Giant deck (Which would have went either way. he was 7 Health and I had a Mortal Strike in my hand with a weapon when he Power Overwhelminged the Giant and threw out a Doomguard), one a typical Druid Taunt nonsense (Didn't draw the Black Knight and just couldn't get effective trades), and another to a Mirror Match where we seemingly had the same cards in our hand...except he had an Arcanite Reaper to my Fiery War Axe.
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Really intrested on your feedback pls stay tuned :)
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im stuck on rank 15 right now with this deck lately i've been getting people really low on health..and then something happens and i cant finish the job
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02/04/2014 02:28 PMPosted by metrokard
im stuck on rank 15 right now with this deck lately i've been getting people really low on health..and then something happens and i cant finish the job

That's what I'm finding too. Anyone who says "Aggro Rush is mindless, zero strategy" has never played it. I keep going over my moves and it really is all about figuring out when the best time to trade is and when it's better to go for the face.
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Contemplating a slight tweak to the deck design. Removing the Frothing Beserkers in favor of Warsong Commanders given the low median attack of the deck.

EDIT: Heerk, no no. Bad idea. Totally shifts tempo of the deck and causes it to fumble. Returned the Frothings back in, but hitting a "Wall" at Rank 17 of decks that are shutting it down.
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I'm using 2 rushdecks right now .. They are small modifications to Reynalds warrior and Kungens hunter
Both are really cheap decks for its value (not all can Pay to Win)

Just playing 1 rush gets boring if playing alot of games in a row, so i switch between these 2. Playing 1 deck til it lose, then switch to the other and so on.

Since rush-games are so short, u can play LOTS of games in a short period of times, and as winrate is above 50% u go slowly down .. when u get a winstreak .. u jump down fast, then u might struggle several games at one rank.

Going steady down at rank 13

And i must say i have ALOT more win% on warrior than hunter, so far i have 55-45 on hunter and almost 75-25 on warrior (played the 20-30 first games on hunter only).
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Right now my issue is a "Wall" at Rank 17. I can't breech past it no matter what I can do. Vexsome, but I'll keep at it for awhile.
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