Coin + Innervate = OP

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06/18/2014 02:06 PMPosted by Arpin
Turn 1 Yeti is pretty good. It just gets killed pretty fast.

There's no way to efficiently deal with a 5 health creature on turn 2... Innervate is insanely strong. If Druid innervates something out you are at the mercy of the Druids poor card draw. Else you fall far behind. There's a reason every single druid deck runs two innervates.
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I just had the fortune of seeing a druid play:

turn 1 yeti,
turn 2 another yeti.
turn 3 golem
turn 4 Argent Defender
I shadowflamed and hellfired.
Turn 5 Keeper of the grove 2 damage bypassing my taunt for fatal :/ (I was playing HL)

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No it is not OP depending on the opponents hand that is. It is actually fair I think.
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02/04/2014 04:31 PMPosted by GrantMeDeath
ng, in the last 2 weeks I have learnt it is almost never worth coin/innervate on
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Rouge can BS, Eviscerate - Yeti is toast.

As for the play, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Claiming it is an "automatic win" strongly suggests shallow experience.
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An annoyotron pretty well takes care of things. Buys you a few turns to get some mana for minions or removal.
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Nerf savage roar, nerf force of nature, nerf swipe, nerf innervate. What is druid allowed to have?
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02/02/2016 06:45 PMPosted by Caladuz
Nerf savage roar, nerf force of nature, nerf swipe, nerf innervate. What is druid allowed to have?

No Weapons, no Hard Removal, no Board Clears. And nothing of the cards you said.

the trolls in this forum are ridiculus. Just ignore them.
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