keep losing to to the face hunters

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spamming traps, leroy, arcane golem for the unleash the hounds finish with the wolf buff...

what do you guys do against this?
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Prioritize weapons, play to the face and try to only keep one minion on the board at a time so they can't get use out of UTH. I play whirlwind in my deck to knock out the dogs the next turn.

It's a really good deck strategy. A lot of my matches still come down to a little bit of luck and I win around 70% of my hunter games.
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I never had problems against hunter decks with my warrior deck because I just smash their face in lot harder than they do mine. Like a wise man once said: 'Hit it very hard, very fast!'
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Your hero power completely counters their hero power...Also try Shield Block and Taunt minions. It completely shuts Hunters down.
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Stall early game, using your weapons to kill minions and control board. Once you reach mid game you can start funneling in stronger minions which will allow you to leapfrog him.

Never have more than 2-3 minions on the board so they can't play UTH(or they can but it won't be as effective).
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armor smith is pretty much an auto win 2 for 1 against hunters

their so scared of it ive seen people deadly shot my armor smith so I don't heal
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Board control, that's not to say you establish dominance over it but you don't yield it. They need their creatures to win so bleed them dry. If they start using their hero power armor up. They might try it again but if they realize that they won't get an edge with it they will abandon it till late game. If they play the Rhino drop everything and kill it. That is the pre-overrun card never let them keep that.
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