Trying a new deck, seems to be good 11-1.

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Well I am sick of grinding the ladder trying to beat all the rush decks with my druid deck and having 55-60% win rate. I thought of this idea when I was messing about and trying new things in casual games. All the recorded games 11-1 have all been in ranked. It seems to be working so far, I have only lost once against a murlock warlock and I have faced them 3 times in total with this deck and won the other 2.

I was rank 2 last season and currently rank 8 in season 3.

Here is the deck list, any recommendations on what to add? Or take away to make it stronger?
I was thinking of adding Amani Berserker / raging worgen but its pretty weak against all classes and turn 3 It is really weak if I play either, against anything. That why I havn't added them. Also a little explanation behind some of the picks at the bottom.

Any suggestions would be nice, or try it yourself and give me some feedback, It's worked quite well for me so far and I haven't seen anyone play anything like this deck before. Also there is alot of confusion when people play against this deck. E.G playing armour smiths on turn two thinking I am an armour control warrior deck and they just take it slow. Then I take total advantage of them taking it slow.

Inner rage x 2
Whirlwind x 1
Argent Squire x 2
Fiery War Axe x 2
Heroic Strike x 2
Armour Smith x 2
Cruel Taskmaster x 2
Frothing Berserker x 2
Harvest Golem x 2
Arathi Weaponsmith x 2
Chillwind Yeti x 2
Kor'kon Elite x 2
Leeroy Jenkins x 1
Arcanite Reaper x 2
Spiteful Smith x 2
GoreHowl x 1
Grommash Hellscream x 1

So a few maybe iffy picks you might think in this deck but I have some odd reasoning behind it.

So this deck is about hard to deal with creatures basically, Argent squire really good against rush decks and I added in armour smiths because I have no taunts. I tried without and the other rush decks are just faster than any warrior deck, so this keeps me in the game against rush decks.

Also inner rage is just brillant either for clearing their stuff and buffing my guys EG frothing Berserker, or killing the rush decks minions and not taking any damage. Also it is brillant with Spiteful smiths, finishers and enraging Grommash.

I picked smiteful because it has a boat load of weapons, and spiteful smiths are so tough to deal with, its like a druid of the claw but with better benefits for you, it basically does have taunt, if you leave this up for more than 2 turns your basically dead.

Picked harvest Golems, Yeti's because they are just stupidly annoying to deal with on turn 3/4.

There is alot of confusion to the people who play against this deck as it hasn't been played by every single person in the game. Everyone knows each and every single deck your playing against in the first 2/3 turns.

I havn't played one hard match up yet against this deck. The one loss was against murlock warlock, were he just got all the right cards at the right time.

So yeah, there is it! Any feed back would be great!
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I took out a heroic strike and put in another whirl wind, up to rank 5!
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Also I took out an arathi weapon smith out and put in argent commander due to I have no 6 drops, and usually can't use my mana on 6 efficiently this might help with the curve also. Might add in a second once I get a chance to try it out.
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How does this perform with its limited card draw? Does it top deck often?
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Wow... no card draw whatsoever. Also no warsong commander or charge, first i've seen for a warrior deck. But if it works, it works i supppose, too bad i lack the legendaries, i could try making some spiteful smiths and try it out with some alternatives for the legendaries tho..
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Because most of the cards usally 2 for 1, as they are hard to deal with. I have been top decking a few times, but always have 2-3 minions out. I havn't had any trouble with top decking so far, could add in some card draw later, maybe a nat pagel and a loot horder. As for now, I havn't been needing it. The deck has went 18-4 so far.
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It doesn't need a warsong commander, thats too easy to deal with and personally I think its a weak card.
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Warsong is really only good in specific deck setups. Such as Pirate-bombing or Worgen-bombing with Inner Rage.

I use it only in my Aggro decks because; YAY CHARGE!

Otherwise this deck seems pretty good. I may give it a try. I am very cautious about non-draw instilled decks, because if you land on a bad hand twice (You know,after mulligan), you need to eat through your cards fast to get back into your tempo/pace.

Seems like this one doesn't have a lot of "Bad" cards it could draw from turn 1.

Will maybe check it out!
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Tried the deck, made some adjustments cause i don't have leeroy, gorehowl and grom, or any legendaries that i can use (i only have prophet velen -_-):

- 1x weaponsmith
- 1x leeroy
- 1x gorehowl
- 1x grom

+1x cleave
+1x commanding shout
+2x argent commander

Rather iffy with argent squire cause inner rage/cruel taskmaster ability removes the shield, was wondering if i should replace it with faerie dragon or something else.

My only problems are the biggies, namely anything more than 7 hp with taunt, especially the giants+sunfury/argus combo, and the big legendaries like rag, ysera, etc. Too costly to handle those without executes so i'll prolly fit those in.

Otherwise this deck seems pretty good, handles early aggro really well.
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