Rogues are too strong

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OP!! Please!! Unfortunately since the nerf rogues are one of the worst classes to ladder with, and one of the weakest. This is a shame because I really enjoy playing the rogue but I can not climb the ladder past 15 with one. The current meta with UTH, druids massive taunt structure, and swarmlocks makes our current rogue decks obsolete. Check out this thread

Rogues are second to last. The last big change ruined this class. I have not given up yet. I am tinkering around with cards trying to come up with an answer to the current meta to make rogue a viable ladder class. I can say this though. Minion heavy and miracle rogue are not the way to do it. I have been playing around with various forms of control and or weapon rogue type styles, but still getting owned bad, because most of the classes I face on the ladder are hunters, druids and warlocks, and rogues match up terribly with these classes.
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Rogues are second to last. The last big change ruined this class.

Yeah, but it still feels great when you pull the Miracle.

Just did a turn 8 while down to 9 life against a Druid with a stacked board, but no Taunt. I could feel the rage building.
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02/14/2014 05:08 AMPosted by Khristian
It's because they have about 10 cards that all cost 0-2 energy and will instantly kill or set back your other cards early game, so they go for early game summon rush decks. They really do need a remake on all their spells pretty hardcore. At least add 1-2 mana to each of their current spells, and then they will be in line with the other classes.

As it stands, they are pretty ridiculously broken.

Miracle decks are extremely RNG dependent. Having all those 0-2 mana spells is the only reason this deck even works to begin with. Still, being so RNG dependent it can both fizzle on its own(the deck beating itself without your opponent taking specific counter measures) and be actively disrupted by your opponent. So basically Miracle decks have a larger chance of losing even if you play the deck perfectly than most other decks out there. Thus the deck is average at best, underpowered at worst, extremely far from being overpowered and requiring any change.

Also, remember that not all Rogues run the Miracle deck, changing those 0-2 mana spells will affect all the other Rogue decks too, and those decks are very far from being problematic. So basically there's no reason whatsoever to change these spells. The only thing you should do is stop whining about every deck that managed to beat you and instead think about your own deck and how you played it, if you do I'm sure you'll find many mistakes that you've made that ultimately cost you the match. Now, if you played perfectly(extremely unlikely but for the sake of theorycrafting lets say you did) and you still lost to the Miracle deck than so be it. Every competitive deck has its perfect draws that make it very hard to lose with. These draws are the extremes, they don't happen often, so when they do happen just accept it and move on. It has nothing to do with the Miracle deck specifically but with how TCGs work in general.
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I saw a guy do the defias ringleader play on turn one in a video. It is a very powerful combo as it lead to the guy's victory.
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Strong username OP
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