Kudos to Innervate/Alarm-o-bot deck

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So I forget the name of this person but I just got completely owned by an Innervate/Alarm-o-bot deck. Basically they alarm-o-botted from Turn 1/2 and just kept pulling great cards until I died. But it made me laugh so hard (laughing through the tears.)

It was in casual mode. So if you are this person who just owned me with this deck or you play one of these decks: Cheers!
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I'd be interested in trying it out, myself. Problem is I'm lacking the necessary Alarm-o-bots. :(
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It might have been me lol. I made the deck for fun and then I tweaked it a whole bunch and it's working really well. I've made it extremely consistent without the Bot draw. It has all my removal and hero pump to take care of their early creatures and the best non-Battlecry creatures I own. It's very fun but I'm stuck at 17 with it. I wish I had a couple huge guys that aren't base set but I'm playing for free.
They only cost 100 dust! Try it! it's great. After I started creaming with it I see a lot of alarm-o-bots going around now.
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The reason I'm stuck at 17 is everyone has crazy legends and lots of rares and my cards are trading 1 for 1 even though they all cost 5-8 mana
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Might have been me. I have 21 legendary cards. My druid deck has about 7 legendary cards and other high mana cards that cost 7 mana or more. What's really funny about this deck is that I can draw alarm-o-bot out on the very first round with innervate. It's pretty funny and I love doing it.

However, this deck is just for fun because you can't rank up with it. I end up losing more often than winning since it depends on me getting the right set of hands at the beginning.
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I also made that deck lol. One time he pooped out ysera turn 2. Guy conceded. Sadly this almost never works because everything in the game kills a 3 thoughness guy, which makes alarmobot completely unplayable in anything but the most casual settings :,(
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