How well does your Mac client work?

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Here is a link to a strawpoll that I created:

Please take part and vote. I am aware that this poll doesn't take operating system versions into account, but that isn't the focus of the poll.

The purpose of this poll is to get a rough percentage of how many people the Mac client currently works for. Currently I have checked "Wood," because I have tried at multiple times (with various versions of the client and Hearthstone client) to install/update/play the game to no avail. I often can not even get beyond the install phase, and am repeatedly stuck at 65% installation. I have tried waiting for several hours.

About a month ago I was able to play at a "Bronze" level, but only for a day. I uninstall and then reinstall the client about every other week to see if anything has changed. Usually I am disappointed.

I do understand that software design is difficult, and that Hearthstone is currently in beta. I do not expect all of the bugs to be worked out. I just want to get a rough estimate of how many people are able to play or not play Hearthstone with OS X.

I don't intend for this thread to become a discussion. It is a poll and nothing more.
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Hm, interesting.

I don't quite understand all those issues people are experiencing. I play Hearthstone on my Mac Mini 2012 and my MacBook Air 2013 and it runs perfectly fine.

Do you try do install the game through the Launcher or straight from the client, which you can download in the account management?
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I've tried both and had problems with both. The launcher is rarely able to load my account information, and often gets stuck updating. The client from account management is unable to install. I've read most of the other threads about these problems but haven't found a solution.

EDIT: I found out the problem I was having (I think). Apparently for the last few months I've had a missing/broken alias to "agent.db" that was causing the installations to hang up upon the creation of that file because it was already supposedly present but was really just a broken alias. I tried everything I could to delete the alias, but OS X wouldn't let me interact with it in any way whatsoever. Eventually the alias just disappeared; I have no idea how. Now the installation is working. Perhaps in a little bit I will be able to change my answer on the poll. :)

DOUBLE EDIT: The agent.db was indeed my issue. My game is running wonderfully now, at a "Gold" rating according to my poll! Unfortunately I cannot change my answer! D:
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