I just started playing a couple of days before open beta, but always very casually. A few days ago I decided to craft some cards and create my own druid deck, instead of just copying decks found online. Used the dust from a Golden Defender of Argus I got ( had it's dust value adjusted because of the nerf ).
This is what I ended up with:

x2 Innervate
x1 Claw
x1 Leper Gnome
x2 Wrath
x1 Acidic Swamp Ooze
x1 Armani Berserker
x1 Nat Pagle
x1 Novice engineer
x2 River Crocolisk
x1 Savage Roar
x1 Dalaran Mage
x2 Ironfur Grizzly
x2 Shattered Sun Cleric
x2 Swipe
x2 Keeper of the Grove
x2 Senjin Shieldmaster
x1 Starfall
x1 Boulderfist Ogre
x1 Lord of the Arena
x1 Ancient of War
x2 Ironbark Protector

What do you guys think ? Altough I have been doing decent in Play mode, i think this deck lacks some consistency, or a "theme". Any improvements I could do to it on a very low budget ?