Fatigue focused druid deck? Mill Deck in HS?

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So I play hunter (hate if you want to, but I play control style not just rush down to the face)

anyways, I actually do quite well against druid

Recently I played an interesting druid though!

It used cards like coldlight oracle, and bounced it with youthful brew master, as well as running 2 naturalizes. he played both oracles two times for a total of 4 oracle drops = 8 card draws, plus 2 naturalizes that gave me another 4 draws - so 12 additional forced draws (fortunately I never lost any to burn in my hand - got close a few times) but I also burnt through some before I realized his strategy using tracking drawing 6 and burning 4!

he also ran healing touches, which I presume where stalls/keep him alive even longer to allow fatigue to kill me off

Now as a hunter I was ecstatic, I thought "THIS WILL MAKE ME GET COMBO EASIER!" but the one combo was not even worth playing (buzzard + UTH) because I had gotten down to 2 cards left on turn 8!

Anyways, I ended up turn 9 knife juggler double uth (4 hounds - he had a druid of the claw/azure drake) and the juggler went 4 for 4 hitting the drake, so I deadly shot the druid of the claw, and was able to swing with my highmane, bow, and 4 hounds for a game winning 13 damage

I just thought this deck was interesting and cool to play against, I could see how if I didn't control the board with traps and the bow, how I easily could have taken enough damage and drawn into fatigue for the loss.

I think I am fortunate I was playing a control heavy, trap, bow, big minion deck (runs two savanah highmanes, 2 stranglehorn tigers, 2 sen'jin shield masta's, and two houndmasters!) and if I didn't have the ability to keep so much damage on the board with these big strong value minions, I think I easily could have gotten stuck in being unable to kill him off, and eventually just gassing and drawing into my death before being able to finish him!

cool deck, I am just curious if this is a "thing" because from my MTG experience I remember how strong these mill decks were, because if you ran out of cards it was game over, unlike the fatigue (which I like more in HS personally) but this is my first time seeing it run in recent patch
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Brett I have a fun deck like this and someone just posted their build a few threads down.

I also used Rogue which has an alternate method of returning coldlight oracle with shadow step. Also Rogue has sap and vanish to return minions to hand including kidnapper.

A few other cards to mess with opponents hand is King Mukla giving them bananas then you can coldlight.

Another option is playing Leeroy giving them 2 welps which you can send back to hand with vanish filling up their hand.

In conjunction with Miracle rogue you can draw out the mill components of your deck.

I am looking forward to more cards with this mechanic to fine tune the deck a bit but I am sure Blizz is looking at this mechanic cause the game style is not interactive and is just comboing which they frown upon.

Cheers & HF,
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so i guess I missed when kripp did this a while back with rogue... not as strong now, but still seems like a viable deck/strategy

I feel this would be quite strong against people who play druid giants/watcher decks... they usually stack cards to play the mountain giant, if you used kripps deck you could cold light oracle then sap the giants


very interesting style in my opinion (rogue has since seen a big nerf of scrub/backstab but still, deck seems possible)


I like the mukla idea, I actually saw this one on a google deck when I looked up "hearthstone mill" it was in the 2nd deck, also had cho like kripp did

I've seen banana's do work, as I said I play hunter and I like mukla, he has done me justice before burning a card of the opponent - kripp in fightnight actually burned someones gold antonidas with mukla! pretty fun stuff

I hope they don't nerf this mechanic, it's so underused and circumstantial I feel it's a fun outside the box way that can win but isn't quite as good as some other options out there. To me the meta feels pretty balanced, shaman and druid seem quite strong but I don't see a need to nerf personally.

people are whining about hunter, but it's also circumstantial combo's and worse yet it relies on the opponent over extending or drawing into perfect combo's that need leeroy

anyways, thanks for the quick response, i'll check out that other thread for sure
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