Please criticize my burn deck

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Thats the deck, and yeah, i know its bad. If anyone has any suggestions what to swap out, or any other constructive criticism, please tell me, i would appreciate it alot. Im kind of short on legendaries, but i will work towards one if you guys think i need it.
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Before I give any feedback. I have two questions;

1) Are you trying to take it to late game with this deck? Or you trying to gain early control then carry it into late game? Since a burn deck from my knowledge is really about chipping away the opponents health with spells/abilities rather then with minions. What is it you are trying to accomplish with this deck? Early win between turns 1-6 or holding off till 7+?

2) It looks like you have the foundation for a bomber style of play. (Warsong + Worgen + Inner Rage. Warsong + Bloodsail with a weapon equipped) Which makes sense why you have Gorehowl. But why else would you have it? Since you have some cards that could very well become "Dead" in your hand for several turns before you could use it if you want to have more early presence.

BTW: This is MTG standard's definition of "Burn Deck"

"A burn deck is a deck that is meant to decrease your opponents life total to 0 through sorceries and instants. Burn Decks are almost always red

A classic burn deck will not have any creatures at all. However, I personally like to put in a few walls so I have some defense."
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Thanks, and yes its a burn deck, i actually see what you mean by the ''dead'' cards, im going to remove them, and replace them with some good 2-4 drops, the gorehowl i was keeping for removal or for a smack to the face, but it usually caused me to lose since i had nothing to play, im gonna include some more card draw too
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