Revised Miracle Deck

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Let's go:

2x Backstab
2x SStep
2x Cold Blood
2x Conceal
2x Poison
1x Pagle
1x Thalnos
2x Blade Flurry
2x Mana Addict
2x Eviscerate
1x Swamp Ooze
2x Sap
2x Shiv
2x SI:7 Agent
2x Questing Adventurer
2x Gadgetzan Auctioneer
1x Leeroy Jenkins
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Does it work any good?
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We shall see, haven't had the time yet. I'll try it out tomorrow.
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Eh, I cut the addicts and took two Betrayal instead.
Still not going too well, but its okay.

Questing is silenced left and right, of course. Considering dropping a Betrayal for VCleef just to get some more board presence and draw some silence.
The Oozing isnt really helping matters too much either, might change him for something a bit more useful like Defias or Faerie.

Generally I'm just feeling out the timing of the deck still. I might drop Oozing for Oracle tbh, just to get the additional draw. I feel its very dead in the waters if I dont get my draws.
But mostly the timing of it.
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