Comment on my Warrior deck.

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Hi, I recently started playing warrior. I really like his mechanic where I do damage to my minions but in exchange they got much more powerfull. Or if i have to i can deal dmg to enemy units (while giving them attack) to finish them off, so that the +dmg doesn't really matter, if i really have to. So that's quite versatile :P

Note, that my only legendary is Illidan, so don't suggest I put some rag or ysera in my deck since i dont have them and Im not getting them any time soon (unless i get really lucky with pack). 400 dust cards are out of a question for now too, so it's got to be budget deck i guess. But I've been playing a bit so i got some more expensive cards too (like brawl) ... So what do you think about that deck? What can i do to improve it etc?

My thoughts:

- only 1 silence, might be not enough? But silence minions doesn't synergy with my deck that much, and I have 2 executes that play similar role
- Im usually running out of cards, so maybe i should have more draw card engines? Acolyte of pain is GREAT for my deck, with ways to deal 1 dmg to my minions i manage to draw 2-3 cards sometimes out of him. Maybe i should craft another one?
- I really like Gurubashi Berserker, since when i use cards like inner rage on him he gets really buffy. But i only put 1 in a deck, since im focusing more on 2-3 minions for good early game. Do you think i could put 2 in deck ,or i should focus on aggro ?
- relating last questions. Should i focus on low cost minions or should try to ballance my game, putting more 4+ minions and less 2-3?
- should i think about second inner rage? I like that spell. (but i'd have to craft it).

So sorry for babbling, here it is :);69:1;81:2;130:1;161:2;182:1;209:1;215:2;227:2;297:1;326:1;328:2;366:1;428:1;454:1;477:2;493:2;500:1;610:1;611:1;624:1;632:1;641:1;
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I like to put 2 werewolves in my deck so that i can make a big dmg when 10th turn.

Angry Werewolf: -1+2 with windfury,

To use your skills just like:
+2 with charge
-1 +2
+3 +3
+3 +3
totally 10 mana crystals

Then you can make 28 dmg then in one bout!
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I think you should have 2x for the following cards:

- Fiery War Axe (core for any warrior deck)
- Arcanite Reaper (until you get Gorehowl then you can reduce this to 1x or even skip it)
- Acolyte of Pain
- Inner Rage/Cruel Taskmaster/both (works very well with acolyte of pain, execute and for trade ups in general)
- Kor'kron Elite (probably the best basic/common charge minion)

Optional/at least 1x:
- Frothing Berzerker (I suppose you only have 1 now thats why you have Flesheating Ghoul)
- Arathi Weaponsmith (a 2/2 weapon + a 3/3 minion)
- Argent Commander (good for any aggressive deck in general)

The rest depends on your play style, but the above should apply for any warrior deck in general

You seem to like taunt minions since you have a lot of them, if you really need it, 2x Sen'jin Shieldmasta is sufficient, they are among the best

Personally i like Gnomish Inventor for extra card draw, doubles as a decent 2/4 for killing smaller minions, tough enough to take Inner Rage/Cruel Taskmaster combo for trade-up vs bigger minions
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