Vanish: mostly or completely useless?

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As the basic class card with the second highest cost, I would expect Vanish to be useful in a large number of rogue decks. Yet, try as I might, I cannot see a scenario where playing it would be all that useful. At best, it enables you to clear some taunts to play a weapon or charger for 4-6 damage. Battlecries and resetting the health of damaged minions affect you and your opponent equally, so that's a wash. Is there some clever strategy which relies on it to work, or is it just a waste of a card?
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I use vanish then fallow it up by a doomsayer.

I love people frantically mousing over it, realising they can't summon minions in time to stop me lol
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so they summon nothing.. then what?
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The mana cost is too high imo.
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02/08/2014 02:01 AMPosted by RobotViking
so they summon nothing.. then what?

Gives you play priority then.
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I would rather put 2 sprint in my deck, way better than vanish
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Sprint worse than vanish lol. No board presence no board clear and at turn 7 or later? Only time you use it is if you are ahead which defeats the purpose and prep+vanish for a net 2 card gain Means there are much better cards and use prep for something else
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its usable in heavy battle cry decks, but then its still mostly. also not sure if "owner" is controller. So basicly you can get MCed minions back from priests. Also if your opponent has a saturation on mana heavy casts on the field compared to you/a lot of active buffs. (like they have ~20 mana worth of stuff out) then it can be used. but its still mostly useless.
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you do not get back mc minions from vanish mc is permament(should either lose stats or be silenced imo)
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