Feedback on my deck, please?


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Can't really win consistently with this, it seems I'm always striving to get some board advantadge and clearing his board, but not really creating advantage enough to really start finishing off the game.
Current deck list is:
Earth Shock x2
Forked Lightning x2
Lightning Bolt x2
Rockbiter Weapon x1
Stormforged Axe x2
Flametonge Totem x1
Kobold Geomancer x2
Feral Spirit x2
Hex x2
Lava Burst x2
Lightning Storm x2
Acolyte of Pain x2
Ancient Mage x1
Azure Drake x2
Earth Elemental x1
Gadgetan Autctioneer x1
Archmage x1
Fire Elemental x2
The ideia was to make use of spellpower to both get board control and finish the game, but doesn't work quite as well.
Any help is appreciated. :)
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-1 Earth shock
-1 Lighting Bolt
-1 Stormforged Axe
-1 Flametongue totem
-1 Kobold
-1 Feralspirit.
-1 Lava Burst
-1 Lighting Storm
-2 Acolyte of Pain

Instead get
+1Rockbitter (removal spell that combo verywell.
+2 Unbound Elemental (better than Acolyte)
+2 Windspeaker (give you more board control)
+2 Orcish Warlord (rank 5 +1/+1 for each creatures/totems) -> This help you secure a win, take advantage when you have board control, and if you don't have board control, it's still a 4/4 creature for 5 mana.)
+1 Windfury
+1Bloodlust or +1 Defender of Argus
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Gonna try that, thanks. Bump for more suggestions!
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Hello, I am getting good results with this deck:
Will give you board control, all you need to is manage the aoe spells. Try to trigger them early.
Once you have board control and their powerfull spells are gone: you have numerous options to beat the hell out of anybody. Card advantage is in there, silence, hex for the omg minions, manipulator for the kicks.
forked lightning 1x
lightning bolt x2
rockbiter weapon x1
shieldbearer x1
windfury x 1
acidic swamp ooze x1
flametongue totem x1
feral spirit x 2
hex x2
lightning storm x2
manatide totem x2
shattered sun cleric x1
unbound elemental x 2
cult master x1
defender of argus x1
spellbreaker x1
windspeaker x1
bloodlust x1
faceless manipulator x1
gurubashi berserker x1
fiire elemental x2
sunwalker x1
ravenholdt assassin x1

Come to think of it: flametongue totem is so nice early on. Strategy wise with your hero power, this is a very powerful card. Might want to use 2 of them.
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