Currently rank 14 after testing this deck today (just got Grommash from a pack)

(0) Inner Rage x2
(1) Execute x2
(1) Shield Slam x1
(1) Whirlwind x2
(2) Fiery War Axe x2
(2) Slam x2
(2) Cruel Taskmaster x2
(2) Battle Rage x1
(2) Faerie Dragon x1
(3) Shield Block x1
(3) Acolyte of Pain x1
(3) Frothing Berserker x2
(3) Raging Worgen x2
(3) Warsong Commander x2
(4) Arathi Weaponsmith
(4) Defender of Argus x2
(5) Arcanite Reaper x2
(6) Argent Commander x1
(8) Grommash Hellscream x1

Looking for ideas on cards to craft/ general feedback on this deck. Still getting used to aggro playstyle (going for face rather than trading).